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Double Ouch!

You remember how I said I hurt yesterday as a result of going to the gym Monday night? Well currently I hurt even more.

Everything was going fine yesterday until late last night when I decided to have a nice relaxing bath before going to bed. Lights off, music playing and a relaxing half hour or so in the bath with nothing to care about (except for the occasional visit from the cats). When I had had enough I pulled the plug, and then tried to get out of the bath.

My arms hurt, specifically my biceps. I went to bed, and that was a pain as I couldn't really lie on my side because whichever arm was underneath me hurt.

Waking up this morning was a bitch. My biceps are really sore, and everything else is just that little bit tender and stiff. Drying off after my morning shower was difficult, because it was very hard to dry my back since I couldn't really move my arms through the full range of motion. Getting ready for work in general was a pain because of that pain.

And then there was the walk to the train. I didn't take as long as I had thought, only about a 15 minute walk, but a number of bits were complaining by the end of it. 15 minutes walk to the train, 5 minute wait for the train, 15 minute train ride and then a 5 minute walk to work. Over double what it takes me to drive in to work (16 minutes), plus I was hot and sweaty by the end of it.

My biceps still really hurt, and the rest of me is still tender and stiff. I'll be much better tomorrow, but for the moment I just want to go home and go to bed. :)

I should have remembered this was going to happen. It happens every time I start a new gym program as my body gets used to being abused again. The next time I do the program won't be any where near as bad, and the time after that shouldn't have any after effects at all. For now I'll just have to cope, and remember this is for a good cause!
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