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About Face...

I shaved Friday morning. I'm still getting used to being clean shaven again.

I can't remember when I started with the goatee, but I do think it's been a couple years at least. I've inherited my fathers beard in colour and unfortunately in how slowly it grows. I tried during uni to grow a beard and gave up, and tried every now and then over the years. Eventually I succeeded with the goatee and kept it ever since. At the time I thought it looked better than clean shaven.

However, when I grew it I was over weight and had a fat face, so the goatee made my face look longer and not as fat. Now that I have lost the weight again, I don't need it and I think I look better without it. I actually have a fairly strong jaw line and chin.

I went out Saturday night. I think I have finally been persuaded of something that people have been trying to tell me for a while.

I actually am attractive. I'm still a little bit shocked at this.
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