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Even thought the iPod Nano hasn't arrived yet, I still had a lot of new electronic toys to play with over the weekend.

On Thursday I finally picked up the lay-by I had at Kmart (here and here), so had new gamey goodness to deal with.

However I didn't actually start playing until the weekend.

Up until that point I was doing ok on the electronic devices feeding into the TV front, but with the introduction of the two games consoles I now have 4 things that want to go into a TV that only has 2 inputs (and enough of the rude, crude and disgusting jokes that you are thinking of. I've already thought of them anyway.) So on Saturday I did a little bit more shopping and picked up an AV control centre from EB Games in Indooroopilly for $129. 7 inputs with one output makes things a lot easier. I also picked up a vertical stand for the PS2 while I was there.

Also on Saturday I picked up a new hard drive (320G) for the media computer. I figure with the addition of the iPod Nano I'm going to want to rip all of my CD's (something I haven't gotten around to yet) and there was no way I was going to fit them all on the 60G hard drive that was already in there. I also bought myself a joystick for the computer (want to try and see if I can get it working with World of Warcraft). Then a stop off to the pet store for more cat food. After that was to the hardware store where I had to return something.

I bought a set of drawers for the kitchen about 6 weeks ago. The kitchen at home doesn't have enough storage space, and it is completely lacking in drawers, so I had no where to put the cutlery and the like. As a result I bought a ready to assemble set of 4 drawers. It was a good unit, however it had a serious design flaw. The drawers themselves weren't wide enough, so that if the drawer wasn't sitting perfectly in the centre of the carcass the drawers could (and would) slip. This made them very hard to use.

So I returned them, and got them replaced. They were out of that style, so they've ordered a new set and they'll deliver them when they get here which should be by the end of the week. I also bought a 3 door floor unit to go next to the drawers as I still need more storage space in that kitchen. That will be delivered at the same time. For those who care, I can really recommend the Mitre 10 Down Under at Indooroopilly. Really good customer service.

Then it was home to play silly buggers with all my new toys!

Once I finished rearranging cables and getting everything sorted the TV works well. However, I was rather surprised by how small the slimline PS2 actually is. It's tiny. So tiny that I didn't actually need the vertical stand I bought for it anyway. Oh well, I may need it later.

Did a bit of a fiddle with World of Warcraft, and came to a realisation. I was starting to arrange my life around World of Warcraft. I know I have an addictive personality, so that's a bad sign. As a result I'm taking a reasonable break from World of Warcraft for a couple of weeks at least. I'll still be on a couple times a week to do some maintenance stuff (stuff I've promised other people I'd do) but no game play other than that for a while.

So the rest of the weekend was spent doing the laundry, fiddling around with the computers getting all the music onto the new hard drive and starting the organisation of it all, playing with the kidlings, and playing Gamecube and PS2.

Gamecube I have been playing Animal Crossing, but it's not my copy. I've been "looking after" draquin's Gamecube for a while (she doesn't want the kids to have it back yet as it's too much of a time eater) and I've been having fun with it. I've also played a bit of their copy of Mario Sunshine (though I know have my own copy), plus some of Mario Paper Chase (very cute!).

PS2 I played about with Jak and Daxter and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I have also been not getting enough sleep, but that's my fault.

With the heat we've started getting, I pulled out the air coolers and cleaned them up ready for the summer season. It's going to be a hot one.

At 7:30 I have another personal training appointment at the gym. I haven't been going to the gym as often as I have wanted, but part of that I blame on World of Warcraft. I'm getting good results from the gym though, and for that I'm happy.
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