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Gaming problems

Getting submissions sorted for Conquest next year.

I am doing Friday Night Poker Club: Arkham Asylum Edition, and a rewritten version of Powerplay, the sequel to No Heir for the Throne of Amber. However I'm not sure what I'm doing for game number three (yes, I am intending to run three games).

Babylon 5 Christmas won't be happening as I haven't had a chance to do the research I want to do before submitting it. This leaves me two options.

Phase One (though the name may change) is a fantasy and a sci fi freeform all in one. Two games running simultaneously with enough reason for this to happen. Some of you know what I'm planning for that! I'm thinking about a 24 player freeform, possible more. Potential for high levels of costuming in this. With the way this game is looking, there is the potential for this to be the first game in a series.

Ball of Dreams is a fantasy freeform set in the world of the Labyrinth (yes, the movie staring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly). None of the characters of the movie are in it (except for some brief NPC appearances) and the entire game is set at the Masquerade Ball that Sarah and Jareth visit. Also potentials for high levels of costumes in this. For this I might like two people to play Sarah and Jareth as NPC's for the last few minutes of the game.

The problem is I have no idea which one I want to run. Anyone have any advice?
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