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Went to the gym again last night with another personal training session. Kellie, my personal trainer, is an evil woman. Small, bubbly, bright and full of energy. She's getting results though, which is the main thing. Lots of scenery to watch while she was putting me through my pain.

I weighed myself afterwards on the gym scales. I weighed in at 83.6kg according to them. when I got home I weighed myself on the home scales and they showed about 84kg, and then again this morning before breakfast I showed 82kg. You tend to loose weight overnight while you are sleeping because the body is using your stored energy reserves with nothing new coming in.

The weight at the gym matches what I'm getting at home, so I think I'm just going to use the gym weight as my "official" weight from now on, and only weigh myself once a week at the gym. That way I don't have to worry about checking on my weight all that often and don't have to fret about minor fluctuations.

Feeling a bit sore this morning, but that is to be expected. Kellie works me hard which is what I want.
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