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I just checked my game for Arcanacon and I've already gotten 4 entries for each session! And all the people signed up are people I know. Oh dear...

The game I'm running is called Relativity, a freeform for 12 to 20 players set on Gallifrey in the Doctor Who universe (but before the time war of the current series). The Doctor himself won't be present, but three known characters will: Romana, Leela and Leela's husband Andred. The game will be a mix of Time Lords (allowing for costuming for the people who like outlandish costumes) and normal citizens.

The issue at the moment is what to do about the K9's. Leela kept the first K9 with her when she decided to remain on Gallifrey in "The Invasion of Time" to be with Andred. The second K9 was forced to stay in E-Space with Romana after taking damage by the time winds in "Warriors' Gate". However later stories in the Doctor Who universe say that Romana managed to fix K9 and after helping the Tharils from their slavery she and K9 Mark II returned to Gallifrey where she became the President.

As a result we have both Romana and Leela on Gallifrey each with a K9.

Three choices that I see. Have them available as PC's (difficult to do), have them available as NPC's (too much possibility of the players using them as deus ex machina) or have them off somewhere else at the time and not available. I'm currently leaning towards the third option.

Anyone have any thought on the matter?
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