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Well, my Arcanacon timetable is sorted (preliminary one at least).

Plans are:

Session A (4 - 7pm): The Second Dance Deceit
Session B (8 - 11pm): Journey to the New World

Session C (9am - 12pm): Running Relativity
Session D (1 - 4pm): Global Frequency
Session E (4 - 7pm): Global Frequency (Part II)
Session F (8 - 11pm): Sweet Waters

Session G (9am - 12pm): Free
Session H (1 - 4pm): Union Blues
Session I (4 - 7pm): Sense and Stakeability
Session J (8 - 11pm): Only a Northern Song

Session K (9am - 12pm): Free
Session L (1 - 4pm): Running Relativity
Session M (4 - 7pm): Last Watch

I've deliberately left Saturday and Sunday morning free, cause I feel I'm going to need the time off, and since I'm not a morning person they're probably the best times for me to do that. However I think I'd like to kill whoever scheduled me to run a game first thing Friday morning!

First up is punk_rock_nerd's Exalted game. I really enjoyed the First Dance this year so I'm looking forward to the Second Dance. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to get to play with mareth_redorb which will be a pity. Mik, are you actually going to play this game? If so, when, so I can change my timetable.

Journey to the New World is a Fi and Renee 7th Sea game, so it should be very good.

Running my first session first thing Friday morning (ugh!) then Global Frequency. I've seen the amount of planning that went into this game, so I am really looking forward to it. Then last thing Saturday is Sweet Waters by Sarah Western. I've enjoyed all of Sarah's games so far, and this is the continuation of a story that I played a game of this year as Conquest.

Saturday is a break, with my first game after lunch being mareth_redorb's Union Blues. Mik running a Deadlands game? Sounds like fun! I've never played in any of Mik's games before, so again I'm looking forward to it. Then there's Sense and Stakeability (Jane Austen and Buffy! Oh dear...) which should be interesting. Finally on Saturday is Only a Northern Song, which I'm playing simply because of the one line: "Only a Northern Song" is a one session drama for Four players that are willing to play a murder mystery backwards. I'm intrigued...

Sunday is a break followed by my second session of Relativity, with Last Watch being my last game. I've liked what I've seen of the Iron Kingdoms universe so far, and I've played in Lon and Scott's games before.

All in all, a fairly full week.

I arrive in Melbourne on the 25th of January, but don't fly back until the 4th of February, however the last couple of days of that are going to be with my parents. They're flying down to Melbourne for 10 days holidays on the 1st of February, so the plan is for me to spend a couple of days with them (since I know more of Melbourne than they do) before I fly back.

I have also booked tickets for flying down to Sydney for Mardi Gras with ozisim and others. I'm flying down Qantas on Friday the 3rd of March, and flying back Virgin Blue on Monday the 6th of March. I'm looking forward to this.

I had a look at tickets for Conquest, but the cheapest at the moment was Qantas at $155 each way, while Virgin Blue was $196 each way. I think I'm going to wait a while to see if the prices drop before I book. Conquest is the 14th to the 17th of April, so the plan is fly down on the 12th, and stay for 2 weeks, flying back on the 26th and then The Big Weekend in Brisbane is on the following weekend (29th, 30th April, 1st May).

Busy, busy, busy... But I love it! :)
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