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Arc timetable, Mark II

After some conspiring, my new improved schedule looks like this:

Session A (4 - 7pm): Union Blues (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and non_lj_mark)
Session B (8 - 11pm): Journey to the New World (with nikkicat13, non_lj_mark and psuedonym777)

Session C (9am - 12pm): Running Relativity
Session D (1 - 4pm): Global Frequency
Session E (4 - 7pm): Global Frequency (Part II)
Session F (8 - 11pm): Sweet Waters

Session G (9am - 12pm): Free
Session H (1 - 4pm): Last Watch
Session I (4 - 7pm): Sense and Stakeability
Session J (8 - 11pm): Only a Northern Song (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and Sarah)

Session K (9am - 12pm): Free
Session L (1 - 4pm): Running Relativity
Session M (4 - 7pm): The Second Dance Deceit (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and psuedonym777)

Same games, I just rearranged three of them to be with others. Yay!
Tags: arcanacon, conventions, gaming, roleplaying

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