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One of my submissions for Conquest

Title of game/event: Ball of Dreams
Game/event style: Freeform
System : Systemless
Number of players required: 12 to 24
Player Entry: Individual
Number of sessions: 1
Genre: Fantasy
Level of Adult Content: PG
Level of Characterisation: (1 to 5): 4
Level of Seriousness: (1 to 5): 3 - 4
Level of System/Rules Knowledge needed (1 to 5): 0
Level of World Knowledge needed (1 to 5): Knowledge of the world of the Labyrinth (movie) is helpful
Level of Genre Knowledge needed (1 to 5): As above
Is the game/event suitable for people new to roleplaying? Yes
Are costumes encouraged? Costumes strongly encouraged. Awards will be given.

A globe drifts past, and inside you see a young girl in her ballroom best, dancing with the mysterious stranger.

Another drifts by, and this time you see a young man running the race of his life, pushing, stretching, reaching towards the finish line.

And another, an old woman presenting her young daughter to a handsome Prince.

And another, a man in expensive clothes, wearing jewellery and smoking a cigar.

And another, and another, and another...

There's more than one dream in the Labyrinth...


Ball of Dreams is a freeform set in the Ball Room of the Goblin King from the 1986 movie The Labyrinth. None of the existing characters from the movie will be available, and costuming is strongly recommended.

For more information contact Random on...(insert details here).


Now I just need to get together the costume of Jareth in the Ball scene, and work out what to do for Sarah. vaingloriesque, a suggestion was made that you might want to help out in a small NPC role (though you'll have to provide your own dress...)
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