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The weekend was

Finished work on Friday at 6:00 pm and wandered home. It was raining so it took a bit longer than usual. I needed to feed the kidlings, feed myself, pack and get out of there, hopefully by 7:30. However, due to losing some things and still not being able to find them (grr!) I didn't end up out of there until 8:30 and arrived at Mum and Dad's at about 10pm.

Got up on Saturday at an ungodly hour to go for a walk. Mum and Dad walk every morning (assuming good weather). They walk together for about half an hour (about 3km or so) and then Mum heads home while Dad continues for another half an hour (another 3km or so). My brother and I joined them on their walks for the days we were their, going for the longer walk with Dad when Mum went home.

After that was breakfast and then Mum, Glenn and I drove down to Brisbane to go do some shopping. First stop was Chermside Shopping Centre so Mum could have a look at something she was thinking of getting Glenn for Christmas, which unfortunately they didn't have. However we did end up have an early Lunch at New York Fries (yum!).

It was then across to the Direct Factory Outlets for the main shopping. The main reason for visiting was Mum was going to buy me a small amount of clothes for Christmas, in addition to the Digital Camera I got for my birthday and Christmas.

I got a couple pairs of shorts from Colorado, and a pair of shoes from Rivers, plus I bought for myself a 15 piece knife set from Oneida. Of course I left all of this in Mum's car and forgot to take it home, but you expect that.

After spending a couple of hours wandering around the DFO we then headed back to the Sunshine Coast with a visit to Sunshine Plaza so Glenn could visit the QBD book store. I think he only spent $150 on books this time, down from the usual $250 he spends.

Then it was back to Mum and Dads place for some generally lazy time until it was time for dinner. We had dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe and had some wonderful steaks yet again. Because Mum and Dad are members of their Frequent Diners Club they get various specials. Since November was Dad's birthday he got a free meal as long as he was dinning with three or more people. This included one of their wonderful steaks (Natural or Blackened) and a piece of their Chocolate Mud Cake. We had a garlic break to share for the entrée, and Mum, Glenn and I each had the Calamari Prime Rib, and then we all shared the Mud Cake for desert (rich!).

That's when I told them about my impending name change. There was a bit of curiosity, but no problems so that's a good thing.

After that we went home, and Mum, Glenn and I went to the Theaterette at the Leisure Centre and watched The Princess Bride. Mum had never seen it, and she enjoyed it.

Then was bed, to once again get up at an ungodly hour for the morning walk, then breakfast. Dad had a Lawn Bowls competition from about 10:30 onwards, so he went off to that, and Mum and I went to the Leisure Centre again to use the swimming pool. Glenn decided to be lazy again and stayed at home.

Please excuse my while I bitch for a moment. My brother is a lazy, good for nothing, selfish twat. He did a bit of shopping on Friday and bought himself the CSI Season 3 DVD Boxset, so as a result all he wanted to do was watch that. He drives for 6 hours to visit his parents and what does he do? Watch DVD's. The only time he ever did anything else was when he was told to. My brother shits me.

Them Mum, Glenn and I went to another one of the residents places who had the same design house as to the one Mum and Dad are going to be moving in to so we could have a look at it and visualise what their new place was going to look like. When they first looked at the plans for the village they picked their preferred design (called a Carrington) and then picked which one of the Carrington's they wanted. Of course they wanted water front, but the water ones were much more expensive so they ended up getting one of the non water front ones.

Their original completion date was mid December last year. This of course blew out, but since they was originally told that was their date they were still entitled to move into the village into a temporary house, and then the Village would pay to move them when their house was finished. Due to a whole heap of problems the completion date is currently sitting at 2 to 2 and a half years away, something that Mum's not happy with.

However, there were two Carrington's on the waterfront that hadn't been sold yet and Mum managed to talk them into swapping their original house (non water front) for one of the water front ones at no additional cost. As a result they should be moving in by the end of February next year. The shell is complete, however the internals are usually not started until someone buys the house so that they can choose flooring, paint colour, fittings, etc. The only difference between this house and the one they were originally getting is that the new house is a mirror image of the old one, requiring Mum to do some minor changes to her plans.

Theoretically they should be able to move in earlier than that, however the building industry basically shuts down around here from mid-December to mid-January, so it's going to be a bit difficult to guarantee an earlier date.

After that Mum went off to a Thanksgiving Dinner put on by a American Women's association she's a member off and Glenn and I were left to our own devices. Glenn of course watched more CSI.

However, I do have to say I watched a fair bit of it myself Sunday afternoon, and I'm going to have to buy the series myself. I'm really enjoying it.

Mum and Dad came back from their respective events and Dinner was had, and then it was time to pack up and for me to go home. Left their at 7:30, home about 9:00pm to be greeted by two absolutely starving kittens who hadn't been fed in ages. At least, that's what you would think if you believed their cries! The ever lovely draquin fed them for me Saturday while I was away, so the only thing they were starved for was attention. I made up for that Sunday night I think.

Next major planing is for my weekend trip to Melbourne from the 16th to the 18th.

I'll be leaving work early on the 16th (and missing out on the work Christmas Party, no great loss) and catching Virgin Blue flight DJ344 departing Brisbane 2035 and arriving 2355. The wonderful arienmir has offered to pick me up from the airport. Is that offer still valid? She has also offered me use of her house for the weekend again. Thanks!

I'm leaving Melbourne (boo hoo!) on Virgin Blue flight DJ335 at 2100 arriving at 2205. I'm not sure how I'm getting to and from Brisbane Airport yet, but I'm sure that I'll be able to work something out. draquin are you still able to feed the kids for me Saturday the 17th?

I'm not 100% sure what's happening in the middle of those two events, but I'm sure something is.

One thing I am contemplating is meeting nikkicat13 at the airport when her flight lands at 7:35 in the morning, but that's at Avalon, so I'm not sure.

Another thing I am contemplating is a visit to the St Kilda Baths Sunday afternoon followed by dinner at Soul Mama's before I fly back out.

I doubt very much I'll get much sleep over the weekend, that's for sure.

I can't wait.
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