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Melbourne update

I've changed my flight for coming back to Brisbane for my little Melbourne weekend. I'm now coming back the Monday morning instead of the Sunday night, so gypsyamber you can make it to Soul Mama's if you wish.

Current schedule:

Fly out of Brisbane 2035 (Friday the 16th of December) on Virgin Blue flight DJ344 landing at 2355.

arienmir has offered a lift from the airport, and arienmir and designadrug have offered the use of their flat (and designadrug's bed) for the duration.

paradigmshifty is picking me up at some ridiculous time on Saturday morning so we can meet nikkicat13 at Avalon airport when she lands at 0735, and then we'll be giving her a lift to the city (or where ever it is she wants to go), and then meeting her and Neef (and whomever else turns up) at The Lounge around 2.30pm (where/what is The Lounge?).

Sunday I am wanting a visit to the St Kilda Baths and then dinner at Soul Mama's. Does someone want to organise that for me? It's probably going to be easier for a local to organise than it will be for me. If you are reading this, you are invited.

I fly out Monday morning (the 19th) at 0800 on Virgin Blue flight DJ311 landing in Brisbane at 0900 (the joys of daylight savings).

draquin is going to be feeding the kidlings Saturday night, and I will feed them when I get back Monday morning (they'll be fine to miss Sunday night's feeding and get it the next morning).

Currently I'm planning on making my way to and from the Brisbane airport via public transport (train). I'm not sure how I'm getting to Melbourne airport Monday morning, but it will probably be public transport to the city and the Skybus to the airport. The only problem is going to be making sure I'm awake in time.

The rest of my time is currently unbooked. I do want to make a visit to Haighs (Mmm, chocolate... greenglowgrrl you still owe me an interesting rant!) but other than that the only reason I am coming down is to be social.

I think I'm looking forward to this trip more than I have any of the other trips I have made, simply because I'm making it for me and not for a convention.

Yay! :)
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