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Soulmama's is booked for 8:00 pm on Sunday. Currently I've booked for a table of 8 ( I think that's about how many have said they're coming) but let them know that the number will probably grow. They're happy with that.

Had to get my hair cut tonight before the trip. Bad idea! Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is hard to park in on a Thursday night (late night shopping) at the best of times. This close to Christmas however... Argh!

However when I finally got a park and wandered into the barbers, they were just in a quiet patch and four of the guys didn't have customers including the one I go to so I managed to walk straight in.

And then I bought a book. The first three of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels in one for $25. Score! I've heard they're pretty good but I haven't checked them out yet.

I'm annoyed with Xavier. I wander out of the computer room earlier to find the door to the cupboard I keep the bin in open and the bin pulled all the way out (grr) and Xavier sitting outside the back door! He knows he's in trouble and quickly scoots back under the bottom of the back door and pretends he didn't do anything wrong. Bugger! I was hoping that the gap under the back door would be too big for them to get out of.

Currently packing and getting ready for the trip tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. iPod and phone are both plugged in getting a charge, and I'm trying to remember what I usually forget so I can make sure I don't forget it.
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