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Gym thoughts

I must be doing well, I've gone to the gym three days in a row.

Monday night was a personal training appointment doing weights. By the time I had finished that I was completely stuffed and went home and died for a while. Tuesday night and Wednesday night I did 30 minutes on the cross-trainer (plus 5 minutes cool down afterwards) on the cardio program. Over 5 km (theoretically) and over 500 calories each time, and I'm feeling better at it and for it.

However, I'm not going to be using the gym for the next 6 days, so this is just getting some extra workouts in to make up for the ones I'll be missing. There is no way I am going near the shopping centre tonight (last night of normal late night shopping before Christmas) and then the gym closes early on Fridays, plus I will be leaving early to drive up to Mum and Dads, and then four days away up there. Next gym session will probably be Wednesday night next week.

I also finally got around to using the relaxation area of the gym. This is an area between the male and female change rooms that's shared by both with a steam room, heated sauna, aromatherapy room, ice dispenser and monsoon shower. The monsoon shower is great. Imagine a shower head the size of a dinner plate, surrounded by four other normal sized shower heads, and four heat lamps. These are mounted on the ceiling and when you push the button you get 30 seconds of monsoon, warm water dropping directly on you and the heat from the heat lamps. Great for washing the sweat off you.

The heated sauna is a dry sauna with no steam. I've so far found it's good for relaxing tense muscles to just sit in there for a couple of minutes. Probably going to add a visit in there to my regular schedule after workouts. The steam room was out of order on Tuesday, but working again on Wednesday (that's one thing I like about Fitness First, if something is out of order, it's not out of order for long) so I gave it a try. I'm not a big fan of it as I find they are usually too hot for me, and I don't like breathing all that steam. Probably not something I'm going to use much. The aromatherapy room has four reclined seats/lounges to lie on while the essential oil of the week (currently lavender) is piped into the air. Very slightly steamy, but nice. I think it's probably going to be a good place to relax if I have a bit of time after a workout.

It was interesting on Monday while I was doing the workout with Kellie, my personal trainer. I'm starting to notice more muscle than I have ever had before (or at least, thought I had before). At one stage I was doing one exercise (for the triceps I think) where I had one of the 5kg dumbbells held in both hands over the back of my head, and moving it up and down. We were doing this in front of one of the mirrors (which allows you to make sure you have the form right and are moving correctly) and I couple actually see some definition. With my arms above my head it looked like I had a wide chest and slender stomach which I liked the look of. Now just to get some more muscle on the chest so I look like that more often.

There's a lot of really nice scenery at the gym, that's for sure. Indooroopilly is a bit of a yuppie area with a lot of single professionals, people with young families or University students. Very nice! :)

Though, you know you've been reading other people's Live Journals for too long when you see a nice one and your immediate reaction is "Nice, stormwind would like that one!"

At the moment (once things settle after the Christmas/New Years break) is to try for at least 3 gym visits a week, preferably 5 or more (most cardio work). There's a sign on one the the walls at the gym that says "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going." Now just to get myself firmly into the habit...
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