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Have yourself a very Lush new year...

Wandered down to the city for lunch with Emilio, one of the guys I work with, and after lunch went to Lush to do some shopping.

I was only intending to pick up one or two items, but...

All their Christmas stock was 2 for the price of 1, plus they had a special where if you spent over $50 you got one free item of anything in the store. Sweet!

I spent $59.90 and got a grand total of $133.20 worth of product.

I got an Ambrosia shaving cream, You Snap the Whip body butter, Blackberry Bath Bomb, Mr Butterball Bath Bomb (2 for 1) and a triple stack of the Christmas soaps (Angels' Delight, Snowcake and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas) (2 for 1 and Emilio and I split the cost and had one each). The guy who served us also chucked in a Whip Stick Lip Balm, a Whoosh Temple Balm and a Party On Shower Jelly for free.

I get the feeling that the guy serving us was gay and thought Emilio and I were a couple! :)

Now I've just got to have more baths!
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