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Welcome to the start of the arbitrarily declared new annual time unit.

Good weekend for getting stuff done, even though it was a major party weekend.

Friday night before bed I mad use of one of the Mr Butterball bath ballistics and the Dream Time temple balm from Lush. I don't know if they helped me sleep, but they certainly smelt and felt good.

I also shaved Saturday morning with the Ambrosia shaving cream, and then threw out the tin of shaving cream I was using. I also started using the Enzymion moisturiser that I forgot to mention that I got as my freebie.

Wandered over to Indooroopilly again (bloody parking) for a hair cut, so I'm feeling all good on top.

Then into the city to meet up with Emilio.

I would just like to point out that Lush is evil. Friday after coming back from lush we went through the catalogue so we could work out how much freebies we had got. This was a bad idea. While you are in the shop you get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of stuff and the lovely smell so it's hard to see everything, however back at the office (which smelled remarkably like the Lush shop by this stage) we were able to go through the catalogue in peace and work out what we actually wanted. Since we both realised there was other stuff we wanted we decided to go back the next day and buy more (and get more freebies!).

So, after lunch at Sizzlers, we went back to Lush where a friend of Emilio's was working. We both bought more stuff and got more freebies. I spent about $100 this time, and got another $50 or $60 worth of freebies I think. I can't quite remember everything I bought, but it was something like this: 2 more Mr Butterball bath ballistics (2 for 1), The Sicilian bath ballistic, Tea Tree Water toner, 2 Hollywood bubble bars (2 for 1), a Dreamtime bath melt, a In The Nude bath melt, a You've Been Mangoed bath melt, Brazened Honey fresh face mask and 2 Soak and Float shampoo bars (and a free shampoo tin).

I also got a 250g Ocean Salt as my free item, plus he through in a Chocolate Whipstick lip balm, Egg Snog lip balm, Whoosh temple balm and a Dream Time temple balm. One of the Whip Stick lip balm and one of the Whoosh temple balm are going to be staying at work and the others will be staying home. After shopping we did a bit of a look through a couple of other shops.

I need to organise a shopping trip with people I think. My sun glasses, which I have had for a fair number of years (paradigmshifty, can you remember when we did that Fossil shopping trip down the Gold Coast?) are falling apart and need to be replaced. Also, I have changed a fair bit since I got them and they no longer suit the shape of my face. The problem is that I have no idea what looks good on me any more. So I need help.

Originally we went to the Fossil shop in the city and had a look in there. Emilio pointed out a few that he thought would look good on me, which I didn't believe until I tried them on, for example this pair. They really suited me, but I wouldn't have even bothered trying them on if he hadn't pointed them out.

We also had a look at Myer in both their sunglasses section and the perfume section. Emilio wanted to check if the perfume he uses was on special, which was another thing that made me think. I have never used perfume. I have deodorant at home (which I rarely use) but I have never used perfume in my life. Perhaps it's something that I should look at.

Then it was a quick trip home to put some of the Lush products in the fridge (the bath melts and the fresh face mask) and the rest of the stuff away. Then back out again to the hardware store.

Two purchases were made. Firstly was some o-rings and washers to fix a leaky hose fitting (and I did it all myself!). Second one was after talking to one of the sales people. As I've mentioned before, Xavier has worked out how to get under the back door and outside. Since Xavier is meant to be an indoor cat, this is a bad thing. As a result I've had to have the back wooden door closed and in summer this is making the kitchen rather hot. This is made worse by the fact that I have to keep the kitchen window closed as well.

The screen for the kitchen window is very badly installed. From the looks of it it's only meant to be a temporary measure that's lasted for a while. Rather than fit them properly with the proper window frame and tracks, etc, all that he's done is get two screens that are the right height for the window (but are a bit too long) connected them to the wooden frame on each end with a pair of hinges, and then where they overlap in the middle get a large piece of wood and screw it through the one screen into the frame of the other screen. As a result there is nothing holding the screens in at the middle of the window, and Xavier was able to go to the middle of the kitchen window and push the screens and get himself through the gap into the back section.

After talking with the sales person, I ended up getting a set of the window clips and have installed three of them along the bottom of the frame near the middle of the window which is providing enough to keep the screen in place and the cat indoors.

So, the kitchen is a lot cooler now than it used to be.

Since Saturday night was party night, I decided a small nap would be a good idea before going out, and both cats decided to join me. :)

Then it was off to Daryl's (ashfallen) place first where I stayed for a few hours. Caught up with a lot of people that I haven't seen for a while, and then over to Phil's place for the second part of the evening. Lots of drunk people with Daniel in charge of the cocktails. We yelled in the new year and made lots of noise and had lots of fun.

Left there about 1am, and went home. Was intending to go straight to bed, but I decided to check my email and LJ friends list before going to bed to see if there were any drunken New Years messages. There wasn't, but there was the latest chapter from the Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue. Yay!

So rather than going to bed at a reasonable hour, I instead spent a couple hours updating the website and reading the story and ended up going to bed around 4 am. :)

After a rather long (and needed) sleep in, I played a bit of World of Warcraft (my first playing in about a month) before heading to the recovery BBQ at the park across the road from Tim and Susan's place. Caught up with more people, including people who weren't actually at the part the night before, and had a couple of sausages on bread (the typical Australian BBQ fare).

Eventually wandered home, and after a while Byron and Jenny came over, theoretically to be social, but mainly to harass Xavier. At first Xavier wasn't sure about things (oh no! More than one person in the house at one time! Shock! Horror!) but once we got out the cat-bothering implements he remembered he liked these people! :) They hung around for a couple hours (with Xavier being harassed the entire time and loving it) and after they left I spent a few more hours working on the CafePress shop.

Monday was another sleep in (after getting to bed late again) and then off to do some shopping, and a personal training appointment at the gym. I'm noticing more muscle development which is a good thing. I also weighed myself at the gym scales. 83.7 kg (184.1 lbs) so no real change as a result of the Christmas/New Year extravagances, which is always a good thing.

Then a little bit more shopping before running home to mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn was a hell of a lot easier this time than the last since there wasn't the couple months worth of growth to deal with. We have also had very little rain lately, so the lawn hadn't grown much at all, and was looking mostly a very dull shade of brown. Afterwards was inside again for the start of the post-Christmas clean up.

Most important thing on the to do list at the moment is prepare for Arcanacon. Looking forward to it.
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