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Well, the party's over...

The last guest walked out the door about 15 minutes ago (had to catch up on my email) so I think I'll call my birthday party successful.

I think I counted 16 people.

There was:
* Stephen
* Marian
* Scott
* Kolya
* Tim and Susan
* Daniel and Tanya
* James and Lara
* Will
* Byron, and friend Vicki
* Tom
* Kelly
* Aaron

Plus I had a drop in visit from Kevin.

Shane had said he probably wouldn't be able to come, as had Jason, as had Glen, as had Nadine, so they were excused. Amaya was having something also on that night (my timing sucks!) so Amaya and those people are excused.

I got an e-card from Tina, so that was cute.

Nothing from Gary, James and Wal. Didn't expect anything though. I'm a little bit annoyed that they didn't even say they couldn't come.

In fact, except from Nadine and Shane, I got nothing from any of the Camarilla people I sent invites to, so I'm not very happy about that.

Presents and stuff! I got a card from Mum and Dad, as you expect. Stephen gave me next years Queensland Firemans calendar. From Stephen and Scott I got a Jester-on-a-stick (with bells on - don't ask, I may post photo's). Daniel and Tanya gave me a copy of the Billionaire card game (cool! My copy is getting a bit dirty). Tim and Susan gave me a copy of the Grass card game, which is also cool. From Marian I got a copy of the Death's Domain maps of Diskworld, which is really cool.

Oh, and Stephen provided a birthday cake.

I think I'm going to bed now.

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