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Playtest: Relativity

Hi all,

I'm running Relativity at Arcanacon in two and a bit weeks. For a change, I'm actually going to try and play test it before hand.

My intent is to play test on Sunday the 22nd of January.

To do this I need two things.

Firstly I need players. I need 12 to 20 players who are interested in play testing a freeform set in the Dr Who universe. If you are interested, please let me know.

Second thing I need is a venue. My house is not big enough for a freeform of this size, so some place else would be preferable. If you can help me with that, also please let me know.

Some information for those who are considering it:
  • Set during the period of the 7th Doctor, after the end of the TV Series, but before the Telemovie that introduced the 8th Doctor.

  • The Doctor will not be present.

  • Romana, Leela and Leela's husband Andred are present.

  • Set on Galifrey.

  • Neither K9 will be present.
Tags: arcanacon, conventions, dr who, gaming, roleplaying

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