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Getting stuff done

It proved to be a good weekend for getting stuff done.

I always find that I get a lot of work done around the house when I am trying to write a game for a convention.

It's a (maximum of) 20 player freeform. I've got about half the characters sorted out as to what they are, what plots they're involved in, etc. The others however... I don't so much have characters as I have concepts, and I still need to work out what they are doing with/to/for each other.

Some of the characters I have sorted out still need more work though. I know what plots they are involved in, but these plots are all ones originating from other characters, so I need to give them their own plots to start playing with.

As a result a large part of my weekend was spent doing other things while I thought about what to do with the game. All the washing is done, dishes got done twice, I've started sorting out things in the spare room again (including find the cordless drill and a lot of the miscellaneous tools that I couldn't find) and I even did a bit of gardening.

Of course I did a lot of thinking about games. Not the game I was supposed to be thinking about, but other games (as per usual).

It will get done, I swear.

However, one thing that I didn't get a lot done of over the weekend was sleep, and it wasn't my fault.

Friday night before going to bed I went around and turned off all the lights in the house. The light in the kitchen however refused to turn off. I push the switch, it went click, but it didn't stay in that position and immediately goes back to the "on" position. Bugger. As a result I have one light that doesn't turn off which has been making getting to sleep rather difficult the last couple of days. I let the real estate agent know on Saturday, so hopefully it will be fixed rather soonish.

I rang the real estate agent and told them, and they said it would be best if it was put in writing, that way they can't lose the phone message, so I did and ran it up to them Saturday afternoon. Also in the letter I address two other issue. Firstly was the rain water tank. Three rain water tanks were delivered some time ago to the house (I mentioned it in a previous LJ entry). One of the went to the next door neighbour (the same guy owns both houses), the second was taken by the owner somewhere, and the third has been sitting around in the back yard doing nothing. In the letter I just enquired about the plans for it, since with the rain we've had lately, it would have been really good to have it installed and usable by now.

The second issue was a request for air conditioning. This house has proven to be a lot hotter than I expected (it doesn't get much in the way of breezes) and the front two bedrooms (my bedroom and the computer room) get especially hot. I enquired at Hardly Normal and I could get a small wall or window mounted air condition unit installed for about $1000, so to do the front two bedrooms would be about $2000. However, I would rather have the entire house air conditioned so I asked the real estate agent to enquire of the owner if he would consider splitting the cost of air conditioning the house. Should be able to get a reasonable split system installed to do the entire house for about 4 grand. If I pay half of that, that works out to be the equivalent of a rent increase of between $25 and $30 for the next 70 odd weeks that I'm intending to live here, which I think it reasonable.

I've had more baths in the last two weeks than in the previous five years. Admittedly four and a half of those five years was spent living in a house without a bath, but still. Lush has been really good, and seems to have proved it's worth. One of the products I got was the Brazened Honey Bio-Fresh face mask. It's stored in the fridge (it is fresh with no preservatives) and some is applied to the face and left on for at least 5 or 10 minutes. Then you get cotton pads (I bought some of the make-up removal pads for this) and wet them and scrub your face with them as you remove the mask.

I've used it twice so far (they reckon that a single tub should have at least 4 uses worth in it) and it's been great. I have some acne scaring on my cheeks that I have never been able to do anything with. After the first use of it, I looked in the mirror and the scaring looked like it had faded, still there but a lot fainter and harder to notice. I paid more attention to it the second time, and from the looks of it the face mask it pulling all the dirt and oil out of the scars making them harder to notice. I'm liking it.

So far I think I've used a bit of everything I bought from Lush, and I will definitely be going back and getting more later.
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