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Lets go shopping...

I went shopping on Saturday.

It's kind of disturbing to go shopping and spend over $2200 and walk out with nothing more than two pieces of paper. Admittedly one of those pieces of paper was an invoice, and the other was a delivery docket, so it's not that bad.

So, I am now the proud owner of a brand new fridge and TV. The fridge has been on the to-do list for a while, as the old one isn't really big enough. The freezer fits a full weeks food from Lite 'n Easy, but only just. This means I can't fit much more in there so I was constantly having to juggle what food I had left over and I couldn't really shop up big for later.

So, I'm going from a 300 litre standard fridge (freezer on top) to a 610 litre side-by-side fridge. Should make planning food in the future a hell of a lot easier.

I originally had no intentions of getting a new TV, until last week when I sat down to watch a dvd and discovered a problem with my current TV. My current TV isn't capable of NTSC playback, so that means that any of the Region 1 dvd's I own can only be watched in black and white (and a fairly grainy black and white at that).

Since Hardly Normal were having a big sale, I figured I may as well get a new TV while I was getting the fridge. I was considering getting a LCD TV, but decided against it. I don't watch TV enough to make that sort of purchase worth while, so I got a normal TV instead, though I did get a flat screen TV instead of a standard convex screen.

Delivery was to be today sometime, with the delivery guys ringing me half an hour before they get to my place. They rang about 1:30 or so, so I head home, lock the cats in my bedroom (they weren't happy about that) and rearrange the furniture. They turn up with the goods and put everything in place. I was a bit worried about the fridge, but they managed to get it into the kitchen without a problem so that's good. However I can't turn the fridge on for 2 hours after it was moved, so it's still sitting at home switched off with the old one still on.

I'll move everything from one to the other when I get home after work.

I now have 4 TV's at home. The old TV has been moved into my bedroom. It doesn't need NTSC playback there since all I do is watch the occasional video in my bedroom. The small 34cm TV that was in there will probably go into the spare room once I get it set up for guests. Plus I still have a really old 34cm TV plugged in to the Atari system.

I also got the extended warranties for both the Fridge and the TV. Base warranty for the TV was three years, now extended out to seven, and the base warranty for the fridge was only 12 months, now extended out to five years. Why a TV has three times the warranty as a fridge that costs three times the price still leaves me wondering.

I bought the items using the interest free promotion, so I have 24 months to pay it all off before I have to worry about interest charges. My intention is to pay at least $100 a month, so it's well paid off before the end of the period.

I'm looking forward to playing with my new equipment tonight! :)
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