June 20th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes

The Weekend that was...

You know you've had a good weekend when it takes until Thursday to put the entry into your Live Journal.

Anyway, I wasn't exactly feeling the most happy of chappies when I got home from work on Friday. First day back at work after three days off with the flu meant I felt like doing something, but I knew that I wasn't actually up to anything.

Stephen (paradigmshifty) came over and ended up inviting me over to his place. So instead of sitting at my place feeling like doing something, I went over to his place, felt like I was doing something , but was actually doing nothing. It worked!

Things done at Stephen's place:

* Read the first two User Friendly books. The web site has the full archive, and is better.
* Had some burrito's
* Read most of Charles M Jones' first autobiography (called Chuck Amuck) A good read.
* Slept (a lot!)
* Went over the road to visit a friend for a couple of hours.

I ended up going home Saturday night/Sunday morning just after midnight when Scott went home after turning up at Stephen's place Saturday afternoon after work.

Sunday was mostly another do nothing day until the afternoon when I met up with my Mum, Dad and brother Glenn. Dad had a check-up the next day at the medical centre next to the hospital when he had the by-pass (if you didn't know, Dad had a quintuple (that's 5) heart by-pass about a month ago). Glenn decided to take a couple days off work and came down with them so we did the "family" thing.

So I met them at the Hotel (Albert on the Park in Spring Hill) and we walk down to the city.

We have dinner at about 6 at a gourmet burger restaurant in the city called The Parrot. I recommend it, it's good.

Then a movie. We all go see Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I have to agree with an opinion I've heard from a number of sources and that it's better the second time around. You're able to ignore all the problems, and focus on the movie. It seems better that way.

We get out of the movie about 10. The street's are wet, as it's rained while we were in the movies. Not a problem. We start walking back to the hotel. As we cross King George Square it starts raining slightly again. We consider the option of taking a taxi back to the hotel, but Mum decides against it.

We cross the square, past the church and the Suncorp-Metway building, and start walking alongside the Roma Street Parklands, and it starts pissing down.

We got soaked.

We take shelter for about fifteen minutes in the entranceway to the Parklands, but Mum and Dad decide that it's not going to stop, so we continue walking in the rain.

The rain stops about half-way between when we took shelter and the hotel.

Mum and Dad go back to their Hotel Room and Glenn comes home with me to crash at my place.

I drop Glenn back at the hotel in the morning before I go to work, and then meet them back at the Hotel after work. Again we walk down to the city for dinner. This time we eat at the Pancake Manor on Charlotte Street. Afterwards we walk back to the Hotel via the Queen Street Mall and King George Square and we have a look at the cows!

Yes, you heard right, cows!

It seems one of the cancer foundations is doing a promo trying to raise awareness of the disease, and has had a large number of life-sized cow sculptures painted/decorated by artists. These cows are currently spread around Brisbane city until the end of this month. Interesting to look at.

Since there was no threat of rain this time, on the way down to the city, and on the way back up to the hotel we went via the Roma Street Parklands. I am definitely going to have to make time to go and visit the Parklands during the day. What I saw at night was very nice, and I'd like to explore more.

However, on the way back Glenn proved once and for all that he's related to Dad and myself. I have a very bad sense of humour, lots of bad puns and the like, something I get from my Father. Glenn doesn't usually get involved in our bad humour.

However, as we walking through the Parklands, just above Roma Street station Dad wondered aloud what it takes to get a job as a train driver. The obvious answer was "through training". However, I didn't say it. Glenn did.

Much as I hate to admit it, he's definitely my brother.

The three of them went back to St George Tuesday morning.

From doing the "famaly thang" I learnt three things:

1) He definitely my brother;
2) Dad is doing marvelously;
3) Mum has finally given up smoking for good!

All in all, a good (extended) weekend.
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Me, Racing Stripes

When you have a party...

...it helps if you remember to invite people.

I'm having a party on Saturday night. No real reason, mainly just a large case of because.

The official excuse is that it's the shortest day of the year Saturday, which would make it also the longest night of the year, so that's a good enough excuse to have a party if ever there was one.

However with the Medieval Fayre, the flu and family I forget to send out the invites until yesterday morning. As a result a large email went to a lot of people at short notice.

Oh well, I'll be better organised for my Birthday party in August.

If you're a friend of mine and you haven't been invited to the party, consider yourself invited.

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