June 30th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes

The Party...

Well, it's been over a week, and I've only gotten around to putting up stuff about the party now.

That says to me either one of two things. Either A) It was a great party and it's taken this long to recover; or B) It was a fairly forgettable party, and I've forgotten to write it up.

Unfortunately, it's B.

Mostly my fault. I forgot to put the invites out early enough so most people already had something on that night.

Oh well.

The people who did turn up:

  • Scott

  • Stephen

  • Will

  • Byron

  • Kevin

  • Kelly

  • Adam

  • Matt Black

  • Sue

  • Chakae and new bf Andrew

Tim and Susan rang and said they couldn't make it due to the fact they were house-sitting, and I knew Jason and Sean D wouldn't be able to make from emails earlier in the week.

Oh well. My birthday party should be better. 25th August.
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Me, Racing Stripes


I've been on drugs for most of this week!

Woke up Sunday after the party feeling a little bit worse for wear. Since I didn't drink, that was a little bit odd. Didn't think much of it though.

Woke up Monday still feeling a little bit worse for wear, plus it felt as if something was caught in the back of my throat. Annoying, nothing more.

Got to work, and was riding the lift up to our floor, and I had a quick look in the mirror in the lift to see if I could see what was irritating me. I saw it! It wasn't so much as something caught in the back of the throat, as a problem with the back of the throat.

Can you say ulcer boys and girls? I thought you could.

About 7mil across at the back of the visible part of the throat, the sickly off white colour usually associated with pimples.


I was intending to make an appointment with the doctor the next day anyway, as I was almost out of anti-inflammatories, so this just motivated me a little bit more.

Went to the Doctor, and he had a quick look.

The diagnosis? An ulcer that's gotten infected, and is now a mild case of tonsillitis as well. He gave me a new script for the anti-inflammatories and one for some anti-biotics.

So, for the past five days I have been on Augmentin Duo Forte (Take one tablet twice a day immediately before or with the first mouthful of food) as well as my usual Vioxx Tablets (Take one tablet daily with food as required).

Individually they can have a side-effect of mild nausea, together, and well I haven't been feeling all that crash hot since then.

However, I had my last of the anti-biotics this morning, so I should be feeling better as of tomorrow. I hope so.

And the ulcer looks like it's gone.
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Me, Racing Stripes


Don't you hate it when it gets to 11 o'clock at night and then you remember that you haven't had tea yet?
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