July 8th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes


Why is it after a huge job of cleaning up over the weekend that the house currently looks messier than ever?

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In this case it's because most of the cleaning was in the part of the house that most people never see: The Spare Room!

I have done it. I went through ever single box in the spare room and threw out most of it. I think I've cut the amount of junk I have by at least half, plus I bit the bullet and moved my computer back out of my bedroom, and into the spare room.

(MusicMAX: Roxette - Listen to Your Heart)
I only did it last night, but already I feel a big difference in the house. Now, instead of just veging in front of the computer and TV like I used to do, I have to actually decide to sit in front of the computer. Feels a lot better over all.

Plus it's reminded me of something rather important, something that living with Wayne had caused me to forget. This is my house, and now without Wayne I can feel comfortable in all of it (long story).

However, I have one small problem. I've moved my main computer (Halloran Elder, the beast I'm currently sitting in front of) into here, and I want to move the secondary computer (David Majors Shardik, usually called Dave) in here as well. Plus the spare bed is also in here. The problem is thus: how am I going to fit everything in here, and still have enough room to be useful?

The easy answer is remove the spare bed, except for the fact that I want to leave the bed here for two reasons:

1) In case of guests, so there is somewhere private for them to sleep;
2) So that if I want to watch something on the computer, I have somewhere more comfortable than this chair to watch it on.

Hmmm... Needs thought. And tape-measure.

Oh, and that reminds me: Amaya, I went through the piles of miscellaneous computer crap that IT folk like me tend to collect, and sorted it into the working pile, and the dead pile. As a result I have a large box full of all sorts of dead computer gear, and you are more than welcome to come over one day and look through it and see if any of it would be useful to you.

I think I'll get back to the cleaning now.
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Me, Racing Stripes

Another one...

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Me, Racing Stripes

The spare room is (mostly) done

Both computers and now in the spare room, and the spare bed.

I had to move the bookcase from where I moved it last night so that the two tables would fit in. Not by much, only by about 5 cm, but that meant that I had to pull everything off it, move it those 5 cm, and then put everything back.

Considering the bottom two shelves are Encyclopedia Britannica and the year books from 1972 to 1984, and most of the rest are computer manuals and text books, that's a lot of work for an extra 5 cm.

Now, the only problem is I need another network cable, one that will reach from Dave to Halloran. Oh well, Dave will just be lonely until the end of the week then.

The rest of the house looks like a bomb has hit it, but you get that.
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