July 13th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes

Lets go shopping...

Aj's likes K-mart.

Aj really likes K-mart when they have a 15% off everything sale, with no-deposit lay-by. K-mart had one of them about six weeks ago and Aj bought a lot.

Total of about $1250 worth of stuff, minus 15% discount means just over $1000. I paid the last of it off last night, and brought my new play toys home.

Lets see, I have:

  • Sony DVD Player (Yay! Aj own a DVD player!)

  • Panasonic Video Player(Need one in the front room)

  • Popcorn Maker (need to replace the one that Wayne broke)

  • Non-stick frying pan (old one died a while ago)

  • Electric Sander (It's one of those little B&D Mouse sanders. It sooo cute!)

  • Jumbo Bean Bag (A blue one, my favourite colour)

  • A professional Wok (Which was actually on a separate lay-by, and was picked up a long time ago and given to Mum as a present)

Of course, this means that Aj got to play with electrical toys last night. Aj had to make sure that everything worked!

Being K-mart, you don't get much technical advise on what they've got. So I bought quality names, and I think I got good machines. So I'm reading the instruction manual for the DVD player (Yes, I read instuctions.) and it says that there is a sticker on the back of the DVD player that says what Region it's limited to.


I look at the back of the DVD player, and sure enough, there's a little sticker with the Region 4 symbol on it.

Double bugger!

Oh well.

Ever the optimist, I put the Region 1 copy of The Labyrinth I'm currently borrowing from Stephen (paradigmshifty) in. It works. I put in Stephen's Region 1 copy of The Dark Crystal in. It works. I put in his Region 4 copy of Cats in. It works. I put in my Region 4 copy of The Mummy in. It works. I put in the Region 2 DVD sampler disk that came with the machine. It works.

I really think the people at Sony need to fix their documentation.
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Me, Racing Stripes

My Domain Name?


I'm thinking of getting my own domain name for my website. Currently I'm just hosting off the free space provided by my old dial-up account.

The problem is that all the good names are taken. Usually taken, but not having anything done to them (which really pisses me off).

Any thoughts? What I'd like is either a .com or a .net, probably the .net would be better.

Most of the decent english words have been used, so I'm thinking of switching to a different language, probably Welsh or Latin.

angelsden.net isn't taken.
veneficium.net (latin for magic) is available
cyfareddol.net (welsh for magic) is available

More thoughts when they come to hand.
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Me, Racing Stripes


Anyone who looked at any of my entries in the last 24 hours or so would have seen that I put up a photo of me for my icon.

Anyone looking now will notice I've gone back to the smiley.

I hate looking at photo's of me. I can scrub up pretty well in real life when I want to, but put me in a photo and I look bloody ugly.

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Me, Racing Stripes

Pictures part II

I've changed pictures again.

I like this one a lot better. It's absolutely nothing like me, but you get that.
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Iron Man

Like a wound up spring...

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to do something, you just don't know what it is?

I get that feeling a lot, and I've got it now.

At the moment I'm puttering around the house, still doing the massive reorganization and cleaning effort. Current job is the dishes. But I'd rather be off doing something and the dishes ain't it.

On second thoughts, I think I know what it is. It's not so much that I want to do something, more that I want to do something with someone. I'm lonely, and I'm getting sick of it.

Anyone know of a single gay guy who'd be interested in me, and I'd be interested in them?

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It's midnight on a Saturday, and what am I doing? I am at home doing the dishes.

For some reason I find that disgusting.

Now, it's not that I don't have a life. The problem is that my life is generic. The only difference between my life and the lives of millions of other people out there, is that this life happens to me.

I'm finding the whole concept rather depressing.
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