August 3rd, 2002



You'll all be happy to know that I finally found those DVD vouchers. (Well, you're more likely to be totally indifferent, but please allow me my fantasies).

Stephen was over again tonight, for a little bit of socializing and chat.

He asked me if I'd found the vouchers yet. The answer was no, so he helped me search for them again.

First we disassembled everything on the Living Room table. Nothing.

Then we start on the computer room. The phone rings. I expect it to be Scott (who said he'd ring when he finished work to see if Stephen was here, if so he'd drop in on the way home). It's not Scott, instead it's Chakae (Pronounced CH-kay).

So we chat for a while. While doing this I notice where the phone is sitting. It sits on the box that I usually keep the printer paper in, and there's a few CD's and other computer crap on it. I think to myself, "There's no way the vouchers could be under the phone", so I pick up the phone and lo and behold! The DVD vouchers, hiding under the phone.

So I have finally found them. I've put them in the centre of the Living Room table, so I can't lose the again. I'll probably use them tomorrow.

Life if good, if still painful!
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