August 4th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes

My Saturday

Saturday started of really well in the fact that I spent more than half of it in bed, by getting up at about 12:30.

Now, before you go off about being lazy, the reason I sleep so much on the weekends is because I don't usually sleep very well. After five days of having to get up for work, I feel stuffed by the time the weekend rolls around, so I don't bother setting the alarm on weekends.

When I got up, the weather outside was a beautiful, warm winter day in Brisbane, so I opened up every door and window in the house to air it out. The big problem with winter is that the house gets so stuffy with everything shut up to keep in the heat. Opening the place up for a few hours has helped a lot.

I also went over to the Video Ezy at Coorparoo and joined. I also rented three DVD's for the price of one. How? Well I've got those vouchers (free DVD rental), but I can only use one a day. However, as a new member, I got a two-for-one card, use up to ten times for the first months of my membership. So I got Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy (both three day rentals) and Titan A.E. (one week).

Oh dear, they're playing Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice on MusicMAX at the moment.

When I get home, I get a call from Scott, and we end up going over to AMC cinema's at Stafford and watch Men in Black II.

Now, I wasn't sure if I was actually looking forward to this, as I'd heard some mixed reviews. However, I'm very glad I went and saw this. I actually enjoyed it more than the original.

Now I think I know why a lot of sequels do so badly. If you read a series of books, you don't expect each book to be "better" than the last. What you expect is a continuation of the story that was in the previous book.

In movies though, the people who make them always seem to want bigger, better, faster, stronger... or the reproduce exactly what they had the last time. So, as a result, most people are disappointed by not getting what the expect, or seeing a repeat of the last one.

That's why I liked MIB2. They didn't try and improve what they had, but they moved on from it. It was a continuation of the original story, just five years later.

My advise: Go see MIB2 if you haven't already.

Anyway, after getting home, I rewound the tape that was sitting in the VCR, and Scott and I sat down and watched two shows that had just started that night on Fox 8. First was Andromeda, then Mutant X.

Both are shows that I'm going to keep watching as I enjoyed them both.

Andromeda is Kevin Sorbo (from Hercules) as a space Captain of a really nifty ship (The Andromeda Ascendant). Mutant X is from Marvel Studio's and is based around the X-Men line of comics. Thankfully they've not set it in the Marvel Universe as all the existing story would confuse, and probably scare away most of the their audience, unless they're already fans of the X-Men.

And before Scott left, we caught a really good documentary on The History Channel on the Cola wars, with a history of both Coke-cola and Pepsi-cola.

Peter Andre is playing on MusicMAX. Huba, huba! What a body!

Well that was my Saturday. I know that it's probably of absolutely no interest to you, but you read this far anyway!
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Dad update

Now, for those who don't know, Dad had a quintuple heart bypass a couple of months ago.

I got an email from Mum today updating me with Dad's news.

It seems that after they got back from Brisbane after Dad's checkup (See here) Dad went back to work, and then caught the flu from the young lad who works with him. Because of the state of Dad's immune system after the op, he was very sick for several weeks, even to the extent of him having to sleep upright in a lounge chair because he couldn't lay down.

Mum also caught the same bug, but she was able to wack it around with anti-biotics.

Dad was finally feeling beter this week just gone, so Mum and Dad have restarted their nightly walks.

Dad went bad to work, and then on Friday he had a dizzy spell and fell. Smashed his glasses, and has cuts under and over his eye, on the forehead, side of face and his nose. Thankfully no glass ended up in his eye.

Of course when this happened Mum had to be out on a job (Mum's the only computer person in the town!) so most of the guys Dad works with were driving around town trying to find Mum to let her know that he was in hospital.

Mum does own a mobile phone, but I bet it was at home, turned off. She usually only uses it while away from St George.

Oh dear.

Anyway, it looks like Mum and Dad are going to be driving up to Brisbane next weekend. Probably stay Saturday night in Toowoomba, come down to Brisbane Sunday and go to the Ekka. So it looks like I am going to the Ekka next week. It'll be good to see them again.
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Watched Tomb Raider that I rented. Or at least I tried to watch it. The disk was so scratched that I gave up after less than ten minutes, probably more like five.

The scene would freeze (with the audio still going) and then a few seconds later (or maybe five to ten seconds later) the picture would continue from the point it was up to. I had a hard enough time understanding what was going on, and I've seen it before.

I don't hold Video Ezy to blame. They can't check every DVD. They're a business, trying to make money.

What I want to know is how the fuck did the people who've rented it previously get it into that state? The DVD is not brand new, but it's new enough to still be on the 3 day new releases, and not into the 7 day general releases.

I looked at the underside and it's scratched all to shit. I don't understand some people. When I rent or borrow something I treat it like my own. I have pride, and I'm not going to treat something like shit just because it belongs to someone else. In fact I'm more likely to treat it better because it's not mine.

I watched Final Fantasy (or at least, the first disk, the second disk has all the special features), and it was fine.

I'm going to return the Tomb Raider disk and complain.
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