August 5th, 2002

Me, Racing Stripes

Third time lucky ... sorta

Well, I took the dodgy Tomb Raider DVD back to Video Ezy at Coorparoo. I have to say their service is good. Told the lady behind the counter (Jessica) the problem, she put that DVD next to their DVD player to look at later, grabbed a spare copy, put it in the case, and gave it to me.

No checking out to make sure I'm telling the truth, no questions, just fixed the problem as quickly as possible, leaving me happy.

Until I got home. This disk had less scratches, the few it had weren't all that noticeable at first glance. However my DVD player liked it less. I tried it four times. The furthest it got into it was about a minute before it froze completely, and one of the times it didn't even recognize it as a DVD!

Grab it, and take it back to the shop. Thankfully I get the same lady again, and this time she puts it in to the player to check it out. Of course it works perfectly in their player.

However, she still gives great service, and asks if I'd like to try another copy of the movie, or rent something else. I decide to give the movie one last try. I really liked the movie when I saw it in the cinema's, so I still want to watch it. She gives me a third copy of the disk, and lets me know that if it plays up as well, then to ring them and they'll put a note on my membership that I get a free DVD rental.

I like good service. Unfortunately it's getting a bit hard to find some times.

I take it home, put it in, and it works! Mostly...

Everything works fine up until my favourite scene, the temple in Cambodia where they get the first piece of the Triangle. At that point it decides to hick-up, and start from the opening scene again!

The rest of the disk is like that. work fine for a while, and then jumps, skips, and freezes for a bit. I ended up not seeing a few sections (only a couple of minutes total) so I'm a little bit annoyed.

Also, the special features were a lot like that as well. Some worked really well, others I ended up giving up on.

However, I will have to say that the Special Features on both it and Final Fantasy were good. I think my favourite were the joke bloopers and the "Thriller" video in Final Fantasy.

Also, I think they let the geeks play a bit when they worked out the menu structure and extra's in both of them. Well done.

I return them both tomorrow. I'm not sure if I going to say anything about the disk or not.
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Me, Racing Stripes

DVD doings

I returned the two three day hires to the shop.

While I was there, I decided to have a look to see if any of the other ones I particularly wanted to watch were there. Mostly no, but The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were there, and I'd been told many times that I needed to watch them both, so I grabbed them.

Being a video store, they of course had music playing. Now, I have no idea who the band was, or what song, but the line "If I'm leaving with a broken heart, you're leaving with a busted nose" certainly grabbed my attention.

As I was waiting at the counter for the guy to get the DVD's, I noticed a display of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring DVD's and video's. As far as I was aware, they weren't supposed to be available until tomorrow (August 6th). I asked the guy, and he said that it was set up when he got there for his shift. He said they probably shouldn't be available yet, but the suppliers know that if they arrive early, they'll set them up early.

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A silly question?

It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity porn producers have with coming up with names for their products, especially ones that have been "based" on other products.

For instance, the Sex Trek line includes:

* Sex Trek
* Sex Trek: The Next Penetration
* Sex Trek: Deep Throat 9 and a half inches
* Sex Trek: Voyeur
* Sex Trek: The Search for Sperm

Now, this has lead to me coming up with a question. Does anyone know if anyone has come up with a Womb Raider movie yet?
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