March 4th, 2003

Me, Racing Stripes


It keeps on happening. Something happens that I want to do an LJ entry about, and it keeps on getting delayed and delayed until eventually it just gets forgotten.

Anyway, in this vein I was going to do an entry about the party I had on the first of February, but that was over a month ago, so my memory is a little bit flaky about it.

I had a party. People came. A good time was had by all. Stephen (paradigmshifty) couldn't make it because he couldn't find a baby-sitter (and you'll have no idea how disturbing that statement is!).

That's about all I can remember.

I really should stop doing this.
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Me, Racing Stripes

More things I vaguely remember...

Two weeks ago we went and saw Star Trek Nemesis.

It was a Sunday morning, and after two wake up calls ten minutes apart (one from Scott and one from Stephen (paradigmshifty) when I was already awake, Scott parks his car at my place and I drive us both over to the movie cinema's at South Bank. We meet Stephen and Kolya there, and go in.

Us four are the only people in the cinema. As a result, instead of keeping all the silly comments to ourselves, we say them. I won't say too much about it as there are probably people who haven't seen it yet (Mari?), however the term "Incoming Data Transfer" is appropriate.

Overall I think that Nemesis gets the thumbs up. The ending, while unexpected, is fitting.

After that overdose of silliness, we wander into South Bank for Lunch, and then a rendezvous with Tony (Kolya's ex) for a transfer of children. Tony was late, as per usual, so running a little bit behind schedule and with two additional children (Connare is 6 and Sasha is 11 I think. Stephen will correct me if I'm wrong), we make our way to the Queensland Museum to meet with Mari (paxford).

The seven of us (Me, Scott, Stephen, Kolya, Connare, Sasha and Mari) then proceed to wander around the museum for the next three hours alternating between wise, curious and silly.

A good time again was had by all. Though I did end up with sore feet.
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I'd like to introduce you to Sexual Frustration

It has been one of those months.

For those who don't know, I am a single, gay male who doesn't usually drink and is allergic to cigarette smoke.

This makes life awkward. Being gay and living in a very "bloke" orientated place like Brisbane means that the possibilities of coming on to a guy and getting the shit kicked out of me is fairly high, especially if the object of my affection is still looking for the door to his closet.

This means that any location that is not specifically gay-friendly is basically off limits for the purposes of meeting people. That on it's own is not really an issue.

The issue is that the gay-friendly venues for meeting people in Brisbane are either Pubs or Nightclubs. Both of which tend to involve most people drinking and smoking. Which means that I don't go to them.

Now, don't get me wrong. Sex is not the issue here. If a gay man is not able to get sex it's because he's not trying hard enough. Sex is easy, anything more than that however...

One night stands are all well and good, but I want more. Usually this isn't really a problem, but things have been a bit different of late.

A couple of weeks ago there was a birthday party for Lisa. Lisa and Blair (a married couple) are part of the poker group, and they had her birthday at a little pub not far from here (The Broadway Hotel at Woolloongabba). The main problem with this was that there were a lot of couples at the party. I'm fine normally, but put me around affectionate couples and I get very frustrated, mainly because it reminds me what I'm missing.

It doesn't help that one of those affectionate couples was Kelly and Kieran. Kelly is a lovely lass, very sweet, a bit blonde, but someone I really love. Kieran is her current partner. Kieran is about 20, tall, black hair, beautiful blue eye's, and a gorgeous figure. He's also an Adgee.

Adgee, short for Air Defence Guard, are the members of the Royal Australian Air Force who's job it is to patrol and guard the property of the RAAF, namely their air bases. Adgee's have to be incredibly fit as most of there job entails running around large paddocks making sure that no-one else is running around the same paddock that shouldn't be.

Where the Army has grunts, the Air Force has Adgee's.

Kieran is not that smart. He's also gorgeous.

Time to crank up the frustration meter a few notches.

Anyway, the party passed, and everything went back to normal. Until last week.

Saturday the 22nd of February, 4:25pm, on a Freedom Air flight. Perrin, Nicole's boyfriend, who she hadn't seen for about four months, arrived in Australia. Of course, the flight was late, and didn't land until 5:40pm, but close enough.

Perrin is staying with Nicole until he gets himself a job and his own place. That shouldn't take too long as Perrin is one of those people who'll go absolutely stir crazy without a job, and should have absolutely no problems with getting one.

However, the problem is I've got two very, very, very affectionate people living in my house. Crank up that dial a bit more.

The day after he arrived we organized for a group of us to go to Wet n' Wild Water World on the Gold Coast. About 45 minutes drive south of here, it's a theme park built solely around the premise of water.

So, in my car for the drive was myself, Nicole, Perrin, Simon and Gosha (I don't think that's how it's spelt, but it will do). Gosha is Simon's current chase. Simon's main problem is simple: He's too nice. However, he is a great friend.

The day down there was fun, and I think worth the $35 price tag (remember, Australian dollars for all you foreigners out there). However, there are a few things we learnt.

1) Make sure you go as an even number of people, as there are a number of two person rides. Being the odd man out can be frustrating (there's that word again).
2) Sun block that says it's water-resistant for four hours should be reapplied every two hours, not four.
3) There are a hell of a lot of beautiful people around here.
4) And lastly, I don't look as bad as I thought I did. It seems the exercise, chiropractic care and weight loss are working. Go me!

However, especially on the "couple" rides, there was a lot more frustration building. So many beautiful people, so many beautiful couples. Another couple of notches please.

And now the last week. Perrin and Nicole love each other very much, but do they have to be that noisy when they express it for each other? There is a room between my bedroom and their's (the computer room) however, that in no way is enough of a sound barrier! Lets turn that dial all the way to the top!

Edit: I forgot to mention. Sexpo, the Lifestyle, Health and Sexuality Expo was on this weekend and we (Nicole, Perrin and I) went and saw it. Being in Brisbane, it has to deal with a lot of "normals" so that's about all that's at the Brisbane one. However Nicole did get to walk all over a stranger within ten minutes of us arriving! I'm sure you can think of the additional frustration this visit gave me!

I think I'm going to explode!
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And the good guys won...

And now my weekend in review...

Saturday I joined QUGS. QUGS is the Queensland University Gaming Society, the roleplaying clubs of the University of Queensland. Not being a University student, and never having gone to uni at UQ, I joined mainly because Travis was running The Trial of Lucifer, a freeform he wrote some time ago, and has run three times before (once here in Brisbane at the BIG Weekend, and twice in Melbourne at Conquest) that I have never actually played.

When Travis told me he was running it for them, I told him I was interested and so I attended a "meeting" and joined up.

And then the fun began...

I enjoyed myself, and I think that everyone else did as well. Being a "typical" Travis game nothing was as it seemed, and there were a lot of plot twists and oddities. I had the pleasure of playing Lucifer himself, and more importantly, was declared inocent of all charges (yay!).

There were a lot of newbie's as far as freeforms are concerned and they all seemed to enjoy themselves, plus there were also the "seasoned veterans" like Darryl (ashfallen) and David.

Though we may have scarred one poor guy for life. He said he was a Catholic (Travis's game borrowed a lot from Catholasism) and having a lot of problems dealing with the fact that he was responsible for installing Satan as King of the World and letting it all fall to evil, even just as a game. I think the next freeform we run will be something a lot lighter. Discworld, perhaps?

Saturday night Nicole, Perrin, Simon and I went to Sizzler for dinner and ate far too much (as you do).

Sunday was mainly house bound doing housework. That's about it for the weekend.
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Woke up Monday morning in a very bad way. My left shoulder and neck had just about seized up, and I had an excruciating head-ache, but only in the left half of my head. I also had spasms of pain all over the place.

I did not end up going to work, and instead rang the Chiropractor and made an appointment an hour later. A quick checkup indicated that one of the vertebrae in my upper back had twisted again, so a quick adjustment should fix it.

He tried twice while I was sitting up, and it didn't move. I then move to the couch where he adjusts my hip again while I was there, and then on to the other couch for another attempt at that vertebrae. The first attempt didn't work, neither did the second, but the third finally got it.

Next stop was home and an ice pack, resulting in me feeling so much better today.

We also had Simon over for tea last night, and we all had burritos' (and a mess).

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