March 11th, 2003


Is it my imagination, or is everyone I know getting this result?

Slytherin! You're classy to the core, favoring the
traditionally finest things the world has to
offer. While you may or may not be evil *wink*
you certainly have the power and attitude to
get what you want. You're clever as all heck,
and tend to be a couple steps ahead of even the
most astute Ravenclaw.

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Need assistance

I have a favour to ask of all you nice people (nice?, well, it will do).

I'm getting things organized for the freeform I am going to be running at Conquest down in Melbourne this year. It's a Discworld Unseen University Frat Party by the name of This Party Proudly Brought to you by Unstable Robert's Crazy World of Discount Spells.

Anyway, I'm working on character sheets at the moment, and I can't find a piece of information.

Does anyone out there know the names of the Wizarding Orders in the Unseen University? I've managed to determine six from The Light Fantastic and Sourcery. I've been told they're all in The Discworld Companion, however as far as I am aware it's not currently available until The New Discworld Companion comes out in May.

I currently have:
  • Illuminated Mages of the Unbroken Circle/Ancient and Truly Original Sages of the Unbroken Circle
  • Order of the Silver Star
  • Sages of the Unknown Shadow
  • Brotherhood of the Hoodwink
  • Venerable Council of Seers
  • Brothers of the Order of Midnight
Any help?
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