August 5th, 2003



In case you haven't already seen it at paxford's place, there is the intention of going to the Brisbane National Exhibition (aka The Ekka this Saturday. Entrance cost is $18 for adults - less for concession holders & children

At the moment, the plan so far is for us two to meet some time in the morning, so that we can check out the fashion shows (*drool*), and then meet various people as the day progresses. As Marion put it, the plan is "droolage at fashion shows; taunting of booth holders; eating of various odd but mandatory show Food (mmm.. strawberry sundaes YUM!); paying outrageous sums for show bags and possibly watching our friends make fools of themselves while on the Side-show alley rides".

If you would like to join us for any part of the day/evening (don't forget the fireworks) contact myself, Marion (paxford) or Stephen (paradigmshifty).

A good time will be had by someone.
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Me, Racing Stripes

The Games Cupboard

My miscellaneous games collection is growing.

In addition to the usual suspects (Grass, Billionaire, Pass the Pigs and Uno) I also have Munchkin (including Unnatural Axe and Star Munchkin), Roborally, plus Family Business (which I've borrowed off Stephen (paradigmshifty)) and now Fluxx which arrived yesterday.

Roborally had it's first good run Wednesday last week. Took it along to games night (formally known as Poker, but we haven't played poker for ages). Of the five other people, one had played it once before (James) and none of the others had (Kevin, Will, Tom and Tanya (fuzzymoonchild)).

I decided to go easy on them for the first game, and only used boards from the basic set. Four board, four checkpoints and six players. About three and a half hours later James concedes defeat to Will, and we all go home happy.

The sillyness is increasing...
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    Enya - A Day without Rain