October 6th, 2003

Me, Racing Stripes

Week in review

Hmm, just finished watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I agree with Martin (stormwind) in that this episode wasn't as good as the first, but still a lot of fun and worth watching anyway.

Not that much has happened since last week. I'm in the house alone, and I've been doing a lot of cleaning. The house is much better at the moment, though the computer room is still an absolute disaster. I'm probably going to move the main computer into the front bedroom now, and use that room as a hobby room, and leave the two servers in the computer room. Something like that anyway.

The weather has been really annoying. Cold, then warm, then cold, then warm, etc. Not good for me because every time the weather changes my back seizes up even more. Ug!

Last weekend I bought myself a new microwave and drier to replace Nicole's which she (of course) took with her. I was able to bring the microwave home myself, but the drier I had to get delivered, and it arrived Wednesday. Mmmmm.... household appliances....

Had a little bit of a problem with Jeff on Thursday/Friday. Jeff is my car, for those who don't know. The Automatic transmission was playing up, and it was very hard to change gears. It started Thursday night coming home from some shopping, and continued until Friday evening when it seemed to fix itself. I'm still going to be putting Jeff in for a service as quick as I can, because I promised him I would.

The weekend was spent getting a haircut, did a little bit of shopping (some new bedding including a new doona cover) and lots of laundry. All the bedding (new and old) has been washed, all the towels, all my dirty washing, everything. Currently the dirty clothes pile is the clothes I wore yesterday while doing the washing.

The Enjo order finally arrived, and I picked that up off greenglowgrrl Sunday night. We'll see if it's as good as it says it is.

Next weekend I get to spend in the capital of (no) class, Toowoomba. Mum's got a doctors appointment Friday for a checkup, so they've decided to make a weekend of it. Mum, Dad and Glenn will be driving there Friday morning, and I'll be driving up after work Friday afternoon. A family weekend, I think the first one for all for of us since Christmas last year. Should be interesting.

Speaking of Christmas, less than 12 weeks until Christmas. Does that scare you?

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