October 21st, 2003

Me, Racing Stripes

Blueberry Muffins

I was intending to do my weekly update (as it's getting to be) last night after watching this weeks Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but I got distracted talking to Stephen (paradigmshifty) and Kolya via Messenger.

Talking to them via Messenger is a bit odd at times, as they are usually sitting about two meters apart if they're both on. This means that I am talking to them individually, plus they are conversing in the real world at the other end, resulting in some very mixed up conversations.

One thing I forgot to mention last week was that on Sunday night Scott came over for a visit, and I got him to help me move some furniture. My intention was to move the bigger table out of the room next to the kitchen (I'm not sure if I'd call it a dinning room or not) and into the back end of the living room. and move the smaller table into that room.

Moving the big table out was easy. Moving the (supposedly) smaller table in was another matter. It wouldn't fit through the door. We tried every possibility we could think of, but apart from pulling something apart (table or door) it ain't going to work.

As a result both tables are in the living room, and the other room is without table.

Anyway, onto the week in review...

Queer Eye last night was great. All the Fab 5 fell in love with Cowboy John (as did I, yummy!) and since they new they couldn't have him, they ended up being bitchier than normal. "So, what's Tina got that any of the Fab 5 haven't goy? Apart from a working Vagina?" You could tell that John really wanted the make-over, and I think they did a wonderful job. Now why can't I find a man like that?

Not that much happened last week, except for a few major events.

First event was Weird Al in concert. Thank you very much to Stephen again for organising it. It was a blast. There were polka's, there was complicated songs (Why did you have to let me get so constipated...), there were costume changes between most songs, and more... However, while he was off getting changed the crowd was kept happy. There were two big screens above the stage with projectors pointing at them. During some of the songs these were showing parts of the video clips to the songs, during the polka they were showing the original video clip suitably sped up to match the polka speed. During the costume changes these showed clips from Al TV, bits and pieces from guest appearances he's made, and the like. Including some very dodgy "interviews" with Avrille Lavigne, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion and Eminem. Great fun.

The support act before Al was some local comedian, no idea who. He was ok.

My only complaint about the entire show was that I was going deaf in one ear my the end of it, but well worth it at any rate.

Back was still playing up after the weekend in Toowoomba, so I was lacking on sleep most of the week, which made work stressful.

Now time to get my Muffins out of the oven.

I'm back. Muffins are now out of the oven.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start baking things at home again (haven't for a while). Since I can't seem to find any of my recipes, I've had to made do with packet mixes until I do find them. Last time was Betty Crocker Triple Choc Muffins (choc muffins with milk and white choc chips). This time I decided to be a bit healthier and try White Wings Blueberry. Can't wait until they cool.

Wednesday I bought a ticket to the Live concert, December 12th. Should be good, as I haven't seen them in concert since 1997.

Apart from games night Wednesday, nothing else of importance happened except from my failed attempt to organize a Gold Class viewing of The Matrix: Revolutions for Friday the 7th of November. It seems that even though they've allowed people to buy regular tickets for sessions this far in advance, the Gold Class sessions won't go on sale until the Tuesday before hand.

So, if you are interested in joining me and about ten others so far for a Gold Class viewing on the evening of the 7th, you still have some time.

The only other thing of importance in the last week was Livid which I'll get to in a separate post.
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Me, Racing Stripes

Livid (http://www.livid.com.au)!

This was Livid's 17th year. Originally just a Brisbane festival, last year they decided to take Livid to Sydney and Melbourne, and this year went to Sydney and Melbourne first (11th and 12th) with a big party after Livid Brisbane (18th).

I was running a little bit late, which combined with a traffic accident on Gipps Street meant that I didn't get into the grounds until about 12:30.

First up I bought a copy of the program, and then entered and got my "I'm legal" tag.

Now like most festivals, Livid is a licensed event (ie they sell alcohol). However Livid also attracts a reasonable underage crowd as well. As a result, so that those selling the alcohol don't have to be concerned with checking ID for every drink they sell (a mammoth undertaking) they only do it once. If you can prove you are legal at the gates. you get a yellow wrist-band. If you can't or don't bother, you get a pink one. That way the bar staff can easily tell who they can and can't sell drinks to.

It also makes perving easier, so you know who's of the legal age of consent and who isn't.

Met up with Will, and was introduced to Fiona and Andrew up from Sydney (a re-introduction I think, they looked familiar) and caught my first act of the day, The Beautiful Girls from 12:55 to 1:35 at the Triple J Bigtop. An all male threesome (drums, bass and lead), with some help from a Brazilian called Phillipe on the jazz harp (a type of harmonica I think). The Livid program describes them as "surf-cultured folk-rock" and I really enjoyed them. Mellow, but with enough energy to get you in the right mood for the rest of the day. I think they did mostly original work, but they also did two covers that I recognized, "Teardrops" by Womack and Womack and "Dub be Good to Me" by Beats International.

The Beautiful Girls are definitely on my list of bands to chase up on.

Next was over to the Loudmouth Stage for Gazoonga Attack (1:40 to 2:10), an all-girl local punk band. We met up with Adam and Lisa while we were over there, and according to Adam (who was in a band with the brother of one of the members of Gazoonga Attack) they didn't sound anywhere near as good as they should have. We think they were having sound issues at the time. Not my style of music anyway.

After that we wandered off to the Main Stage for Rocket Science (2:30 to 3:15). To be perfectly honest I have no idea what they sounded like as I wasn't paying any attention to the music.

The weather on Saturday was perfect. Hot enough so that the beautiful people wandered around the place with their shirts off, but not so hot that the ugly people like me were uncomfortable in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.

And the beautiful people were out in force. Ranging all the way to the skinny waifs, to the big muscle boi's, I was happy. Next time I am going to make sure I take a camera with me.

While there I also went to the Merchandise stand and bought a hat (because I didn't have one, and I didn't want to burn) and a Linkin Park T-shirt (because I wanted it!)

We then wandered back to the Loudmouth Stage for Toe to Toe (3:30 to 4:10). We also decided to get lunch at that point (yes, we were running a bit behind). I can't really say much about Toe to Toe except they were loud and noisy.

After them was The Hellacopters (4:30 to 5:10) a Swedish five piece. Since three of those five pieces were guitars (two lead plus a bass) I have a feeling these guys really liked their guitars. That was confirmed by the end of their set. They were loud, but they were good (proving that there was nothing wrong with the sound system) and they were fun.

Another band I'm going to have to do some chasing up of.

By this stage Will girlfriend had arrived. I think her name is spelt Rene, pronounced Reen. Not too sure.

We then went back to the Big Top to catch the last half of Har mar Superstar (4:55 to 5:40). All I can say is that he was fully clothed when we got there. By the end of his set he was only wearing his underwear, however I have to say I liked his music. Another artist for me to check out.

While we were in the Big Top this time I got a chance to check out some of the muscle boi's up close as there was two of them a little bit in front of us. I have to say that these two were definitely gay. Two reasons: firstly straight guys don't dance that well, and secondly when straight guys dance they don't exhibit themselves as much as these two were. Yum!

The plan next was to go over to the Annex for Lamb, but a report from Fiona and Andrew on the acoustics changed our minds on account of the acoustics in the Annex sucks. As a result we decided to stay at the Big Top and catch whoever was next.

Before the next act started I wandered off to get another bite to eat (hmm Roast Potatoes with butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon and garlic salt!). This took me close to the Loudmouth stage again, where I listen to part of BOYSETSFIRE. What I heard I liked, so I'm going to have to check out them as well.

Next a Big Top was a band called Liars (6:00 to 6:45), listed as "the hardest rockin' punk dance band ever". I don't know if I would agree with that, but I do know I liked what I heard. A four piece from Brooklyn, not only did they have one guy on drums, but also another guy with a drum machine and some other really kick-ass booming type instruments. They had some real good beats going at times, and they are another band for me to chase up.

Part way through the Liars set we moved out of the actual Big Top to a slightly quieter place outside. Will wasn't feeling too good, and the beats from the band were actually making him feel worse. As for what was wrong with him, lets just say it was something he, err, "ate", and leave it at that.

Even though we were outside, we could still hear what was going on inside quite easily. Next was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (7:05 to 8:05) which I didn't pay much attention to as I was perving on the very tasty shirt-less crowd. Another fine specimen that was there I've got picked as a gay guy, again for two reasons. Firstly was the way he was treating the girls around him. A straight man and a gay man treat women differently, even in casual situations like this. The second reason was the fact that no straight man would be wandering around in shorts with his socks pulled all the way up!

After the Yeah Yeah Yeah's myself and Rene left the rest of them and wandered over to the Main Stage for Linkin Park (8:45 to 10:00). Now, no matter what anyone else may think about them (or me for that matter) I love the band. So does Rene it seems, so we decided to watch them together.

They kicked ass! They were loud and energetic and sounded awesome (except for a small amount of microphone trouble at one stage). The amount of energy the band has on stage, especially Chester, is truly amazing. During part of the performance they had the cameras on Chester while he wasn't singing. During this bit he was calm and placid, but the moment the song came back to him he exploded, full of energy. Awesome.

Before they came on stage, they were running a bit late (normal for late in the day at Livid) so the cameras were turned onto the crowd. As you'd expect the moment people realized the camera was one them, they started playing up for the camera. There were a number of young ladies on people's shoulders (probably their boyfriends). It started out with one girl flashing her bra to the camera. Then a few others did. Then another flashed a tit to the camera. Then a few others did. Then someone flashed both tits to the camera. Then others did.

In the end we had some of these girls completely ripping off their tops and waving it all to the camera. Usually they then sunk down into the crowd in embarrassment as they realized what they had just done. Oh well, it kept the crowd well and truly amused.

Linkin Park started by playing a few from the new album, Meteora, and then switched back to Hybrid Theory for a few, and then some songs in part the Hybrid Theory way and part in the Reanimation way. They also played P5ing Me A*wy in full (ie, Pushing Me Away done the Reanimation remix way). The only song they didn't do that I wanted them to do was Breaking the Habit from Meteora.

They finished their set, and walked off the stage. However, the music didn't stop, as the last note they had played continued on. Some of the people in the crowd believed them when they said that it was the last song. We didn't, and they eventually came back on stage for two more song, finishing with One Step Closer..

After that, Rene and I waited for the stampede to calm down (there were a lot of people there) and then went back to the spot next to the Big Top where Will was where we listen to that last of the White Stripes before security kicked us (and everyone else) out of the RNA grounds, and we went home.

I gave Will, Rene, Fiona and Andrew a lift back to Wills place, then went home myself, where I realized I had not had enough to eat during the day, so had a little bit more of a snack before bed, at about 1:30 Sunday morning.

Sunday was a sleep in, followed by a very bad case of the "I want to do something, but I have no idea what". Probably an after effect of Linkin Park, and Livid in general.

I've been playing Linkin Park a lot since then, I wonder why?

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