November 14th, 2003



You may have noticed no real updates of substance lately.

My back is playing up a lot at the moment, which means pain and not sleeping well. Not sleeping well means I get grumpy. I don't like posting when I'm grumpy.

Oh well, these things happen.

I'm still in pain, and not sleeping well, and grumpy, but I thought I'd post anyway.

My life in point form:

  • Bought new furniture. Six cheap dining chairs (better than the plastic garden furniture I was using, and they match the decor) and a new lounge suite. A three seater, two single seaters and an ottoman. All in a nice shade of blue. This means that the living room looks good!

  • My computer is currently in the front bedroom, and I've put the spare table in here as well. This means I actually have room to organize my crap. I've managed to make a reasonable dent in the miscellaneous stuff I have. Eventually everything will move back into the middle room. leaving this bedroom free again for another house mate, but at the moment I need the extra spread out space.

  • The back room/dining room type area (this house is strangely organized) still hasn't got a decent table. I bought two fold up card tables that are sitting next to the dryer, so I at least have something to out things on, apart from the ironing board!

  • Along the clean up and organize route, I also bought myself a set of draws that are sitting on the spare table, allowing me to sort out stuff and put it away. Neat!

  • I bought myself an inflatable pool! It's about ten foot long and six foot wide, but only about a floor tall. It does, however, fit perfectly on the back veranda. Perfect for those hot, summer days that I know are coming.

  • I'm getting excited about wood products! With the new lounge suite and dining chairs, the living room is looking good. The only problem now is the "entertainment area" where I've got the TV, video, stereo, etc, and the bookcase that's holding all the video's and DVD's. With the rest of the room looking so good, it really stands out. It's currently got a cheap corner entertainment unit (about $50 it cost me) and a bookcase. My intention is to build myself a custom entertainment unit for that area out of pine. That way everything is contained in a single unit that looks like it belongs! That's my hope anyway.

  • I bought a ticket for the Big Day Out in Brisbane.

  • Bought some more DVD's and CD's. Can't remember what though.

  • I bought myself the extra user pics for my LJ. I've added some more already, you can see them here.

  • I'm chatting up a celebrity.

I'm sure I did more, but I can't remember what.

Goodnight all.
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