December 1st, 2003

Me, Racing Stripes


After a fairly ugh week at work, this weekend was a nice relaxing one.

I left Thursday night from work at 10:45pm again, however this time things went a lot more smoothly and actually worked like they were supposed to.

Collapse )I ended up leaving work on Friday a bit later than usual (6:30) as I wanted to do another reboot of the server before leaving, and that meant waiting for most of the rest of the office to go.

Scott was waiting when I got home, so we had a nice pleasant evening of lasagna, garlic bread, coke and music. After Scott left, I put up the Christmas tree.

The rest of the weekend has been fairly uneventful, which is exactly what I wanted.

A bit of shopping on Saturday to buy some new shoelaces, and do some window shopping, plus some shopping today for curtain rods, and brackets. I've been intending to put up curtains on the two sets of windows in the front room for some time, and I decided to put up the rods today.

Now that they are up, I just have to organize some actually curtains.

Other than that I've been mostly domestic. Put up a lot of the Christmas decorations, though there's more I want to put up, but I'm not exactly sure how/where. Did some washing, did some vacuuming, watered the garden and fertilized it, that sort of thing.

I downloaded the Fallen album by Evanescence, for a test listen as all I had heard up to now was the two singles they've released here, Bring Me to Life and Going Under. After a single listen it's definitely on my must-buy list. They're good.

Also currently being downloaded is some music from a band called 12 Stones. So far I haven't heard anything from them, however I want to give them a listen because the lead singer is the guest vocalist on the Evanescence song Bring Me to Life. I like his voice on that song, and I want to find out what his own band sounds like.

I think I know what I'm getting my mother for Christmas. Glenn, my brother, rang this evening, and he said Mum had suggested some paint-by-numbers sets for her for Christmas if we couldn't think of anything, and I think it's a good suggestion. That way she can take an hour or two off if she's getting stressed, and be artistic, sort of. However, that doesn't qualify as Mum's present from me, as she suggested it herself. A present from me has to be from me, or it doesn't count.

What I am probably going to get Mum is a gift voucher from a Glamour Photography place. Mum's had a pretty rough year with the illness, and she's still not over it (she refuses to take a break, she's a work-a-holic). I think that someone else pampering her for a while, and taking some very glamourous photo's of her would be good for her.

That means Dad's present is bought, Mum's is decided and just needs to be organised, and for my brother I just have to decided what type of Dragon I'm getting for him.

As a final note MusicMAX is getting very evil. Playing the Abba version of Dancing Queen and the Kylie version in the same half hour was pushing it, but putting Olivia Newton John's Physical, followed by Xanadu, and then immediately followed by the Grease Mega Mix with John Travolta was just plain cruel!
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New Years Eve Party!

Ok people, I am having a New Years Eve Party at my place this year, and you are all invited.

It's not going to be anything big, mainly just the Poker crowd, but I live close to the cliffs, so that if anyone gets adventurous they could try and make their way down to the river side to watch the fireworks. Or you could just sit in my backyard and watch the ones that are high enough to be seen from there.

I am intending to have the pool inflated and filled in case anyone heats up too much and needs to cool down. Just remember, it's only a small pool.

The only problem will be that parking may be an issue, as I am close to the fireworks. So, if you don't want to drive, talk to me before hand and we can probably arrange lifts.

I am probably going to be taking the day off work, so turn up anytime.

If you are interested (and going to be in Brisbane) let me know and I'll give you details.
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Christmas Cards, part II

So much for the subtle hint. Excuse me for a moment:

"You wouldn't know a subtle hint if it painted itself purple and danced naked on the table in front of you singing 'subtle hints are here again.'"

Sorry about that, I feel much better now.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, that's right. When I asked people for addresses for Christmas cards, I meant it.

However, after getting not a single response, I'm going to have to do this the hard way.

Will the following people (and I use the term in the loosest possible way for some of you) please email me your addresses to andrew(at)hitpoint(dot)com(dot)au:

angie78, catdraco, charlesland, lee7, maelwaedd, omegamorningsta, paxford, rexmundi, stiffscoffin, superstar_pig, the_metatron, thorfinn, xwhateverx.

Those of you who are not Australian had better get that address to me reasonably fast, so I can get the card to you before Christmas.

That is all.
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Some people have entirely too much time on their hands.

After thorfinn put this on his lj, I had to share as well.

So, the question is: What do you get when you have someone who is a really big fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Answer: You get this.
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