June 24th, 2004


Assume panic stations...

I don't know what it is, but every time I run a Freeform I panic.

It starts building a week or so before the game, and builds until about five or ten minutes before the game is to begin, and then vanishes, leaving me fairly hyper for actually running the game.

This week is no exception.

About a month ago Travis (travisjhall) ran a game of his (Trial of Lucifer) for QUGS, the Queensland University Gaming Society. Trial was a fairly serious and deep game, but it got a lot of people interested in the concept of Freeform gaming.

So, it was decided to run another, lighter, game next, and I volunteered This Party Proudly Brought to You by Unstable Roberts Crazy World of Discount Spells aka This Party.... It's running this Saturday at 2:00 pm.

As a result, I'm in panic mode. Unfortunately, there is nothing to really panic about. The game is almost completely done. All I've got to do is print out the name badges, sit down and work out the spells (got to make a few modifications from the last time it ran) and organise the drinks.

I might have paradigmshifty helping me (if he's not working), and probably greenglowgrrl as well as the Librarian (she's even got a orangutan suit!).

In case you don't know, the game is set in Pratchetts Discworld, and is an Unseen University Frat Party, so you can probably guess as to the level of silliness involved.

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At the moment I believe I have 15 out of the 16 characters filled, but as gamers are notorious for not turning up to game without telling anyone I probably have a few spare spots. So, if anyone is interested in playing let me know. It will cost $5 (to cover the pizza afterwards) at the Kingham room near the UQ refec type area (I don't know, I wasn't a UQ student!). If you want to play, please get there by 1:30 so we can get started by two.

Now if you'll excuse I have some unnecessary panicking to do!
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