October 5th, 2004


Timing is everything...

It never ceases to amaze me how often the universe likes to laugh at me with it's timing of things.

There have been two example in recent times.

I have been living at this house for almost four years, and have recently decided to move.

First example is mobile phone reception. One thing I noticed when I moved in is how bad mobile phone reception is here. I am less than a k from the city centre, and yet I am lucky if I receive half reception. It seems that the house is on the border of at least four different zones, and as a result the base station it is using varies quite considerably, causing the reception to fluctuate wildly as the phone tries each station trying to get a good connection.

The day I decided to move out, Telstra installed a new mobile phone tower in the area (I'm not sure where yet) and since then I have not had anything less than full reception at home. It's so new that they haven't gotten around to naming the new base station and it still comes up as "NewCoverage" on my phone.

The second example is in house maintenance. I submitted a list of various problems with the house some months ago. The real estate agent has been chasing them up, but with the owner so hard to contact (he's in the Australia Army and has been in Iraq since Australian troops were originally deployed there) and the fact that the tradesmen they have been contacting haven't been getting back to them, nothing much has been done about it.

Until yesterday.

I got a phone call yesterday from the real estate agent, and she went through a list of things that they have quotes for that are accepting and are going to be fixed. As a result the Possum man was over this morning, and I should be contacted in the next few days about removing the almost-dead tree in the back yard, putting in a proper clothes line, fixing the back step which is sagging, and replacing the laundry tub and re-plumbing that area.

And for those who care (you know who you are) nothing bad is going to happen to the possums. All he's done is removed all access to the ceiling area, and left cages in the ceiling. The possums, once caught, will be let loose back outside. I have no problem with the possums themselves, I (and the landlord) just don't want them in the roof. :)

So, I've been here almost four years, I decide to move out, and then all this happens. I'm still moving out though. While all this is nice, I still need to move, so I will.

On the house-hunting front, don't panic. I've got a place organised. It's not completely finalised yet so I won't go into details, but at the moment it looks like I will be moving the first weekend in December.

While part of me really wants to get out of here as soon as possible (and save money) on the whole I am happy with that timing. It means I'm out of here before Summer (which is a big thing!) but I have time to sort things out before I move, so I won't be rushed.

One thing I remember from moving before is how rushed everything is. You spend weeks and weeks inspecting house after house, trying to find the perfect place (too small, too far from everything, too expensive, not on a main road, etc). Of course, the longer you look the lower and lower your standards go, but we expect that. :)

Once you finally find the perfect house (or, if you have been looking for a while, a house that will do) you put the application in and get it accepted. Then you usually have two weeks (or less) to organise everything. Canceling all the utilities at the old place, and connecting all the new ones, changing address for just about everything under the sun, packing, more packing, lots more packing, etc, etc, etc. And then there's the actual move, by which stage you are most likely a nervous wreck.

Since I'm not moving for another two months or so, I can take it easy.

I've already started packing. I started going through kitchen stuff and working out what I'm not going to use for the next two months and putting it in a pile to pack. I then stopped that and started going through my kitchen stuff and working out what I'm probably never going to use again, and putting that in a pile to be given away. If I don't want it, why should I move it?

I figure Lifeline is going to get a lot of stuff from me, unless other people want it first. Closer to the move, I'll probably have an open house type of thing, and any I know can come over and take anything they want from the give away pile. What's left will be donated to Lifeline.

Something's wrong, I'm organised...
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