October 11th, 2004


Buffy and Angel

For those Australians in the audience:

The Buffy and Angel DVD box sets have been repackaged. They are still in half season boxes, with three disks per box, but they are all in a single case now, saving you two thirds of the shelf space that the old box sets took.

Also, they are currently on special. Usually you would pay about $70 for each half season box. Ezydvd.com.au has them for $30 a half season, Kmart has them for $21.99 each, and JB HiFi has them for $20.98 each! That's a saving of nearly $50 per half season (and there are a total of 21 available, all of Buffy, and the first four seasons of Angel).

The other thing is that both sets, the old three case ones, and the new single case ones, are on special for the same price, so if you want any Buffy or Angel box sets, go to JB HiFi and get them now!