November 15th, 2004


Universe called on account of Aaron

Thankfully after the weather on Saturday, yesterday and today were much more pleasant.

Hmm, I just got distracted by this: Worlds longest Golf Course.

Sunday I did some stuff around the house, but my main plans for the day was a visit to the nursery with the lovely draquin. Where the old tree was cut down in the back yard, I want to plant something in the tree stump, plus there are two urn-like planters at the front flanking the entry path that need some plants.

Since Kolya is the plant expert in my life, I figured that she would be the perfect person to wander a nursery with and work out what plants I want.

Of course things didn't work out that way. Kolya got a visit from Aaron gene_machine so didn't end up getting out, and I ended up going over to her place and have a nice social afternoon with the pair of them.

We got to watch Aaron climbing in her roof, pulling phone plugs apart and installing new ones, and then we went over to Stephen's place and watched Aaron climb in his roof, on his roof, dismantle a phone plug and not install a new one.

Tea was had and light chocolate sponge was baked and eaten and scones were baked and eaten and a lot of general gossiping was done.

So, even though I didn't get to the nursery like I had originally planned I still had a good afternoon.

I eventually got home, and spent the rest of the night pottering around the house, cleaning up, doing dishes, doing washing, etc.
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Rev it up, rev it up, rev it up little boy and drive...

Interesting drive into work today.

In the hotter months I have to hose my car down before I go out. It's parked in the open so it gets the full sun and as a result gets very hot, plus what little shade it does get is because of a tree that likes shedding all over my car.

So I hose it down to cool it down and clean it off.

This morning I did my usual hose down (it's disturbing to see steam coming off the car when I do this) and then got in to the car. I put both front and rear windscreen wipers on for a bit to clear away the water and then start the drive to work.

Driving along and I see something on the far side of the windscreen out of the corner of my eye. I expect it to just be water, but a quick look disproves that theory. It was in fact a gekko sitting on the glass of the windscreen.

I've had previous times where an insect had hitched a ride on the car all the way into work, and it seemed the gekko had heard about this and decided to follow them. I kept an eye on him the whole trip but he didn't seem to have too many problems hanging on the whole way, with speeds of up to 65km/h (40mph).

I get to work and tell him that if he wants a lift back he'll have to wait until this evening, but I'll give him a lift if he wants it, but I expect he'll find a nice spot near one of the lights in the car park and just eat insects for the rest of his life.

On the drive I saw what I consider to be the worst colour for a car I have ever seen. A light, pastel pink Mitsubishi Magna.

It was the shade of pink you get on white clothing that has accidentally been washed with a red shirt. I kept of having to look at it, just to make sure it wasn't a trick of the light. Ugh!
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