February 23rd, 2005


Conquest approaches...

For those interested, Conquest has got online rego up and running, so if you want to come along you can fill in all your details there and you don't have to worry about sending in the form.

They are using the AON system that Arcanancon used so if you already have an AON login you don't need to make a new one, just use your existing one.

See you there.
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Panic stations begin...

The panic has started.

This time in four weeks I will be in Melbourne again, about to go to Conquest for my sixth year in a row (that in itself worries me). Which means that I have less than four weeks to have all three games I am running ready and able.

One game (No Heir for the Throne of Amber) is a rerun, so all I have to do is go over it some time for spelling mistakes (which I am still finding) and print everything off. No problem.

The panic is somewhat ameliorated by the fact the second game (Friday Night Poker Club - Fellowship of the Rings Edition) is completely written. I still need to work out props (poker chips and the tablecloths mostly) which is going to be annoying, but that's not going to be too much of a problem.

Now I just have to get the characters for the third game (Dead Reckoning) to stop dancing about my head and cooperate!
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Sexpo is back!

Sexpo is back on again in Brisbane, from tomorrow to Sunday. Scott and I are intending to go and see it (it's always good for a laugh) either Friday night or sometime Sunday.

Anyone interested in coming along with us? Particularly looking at greenglowgrrl and paxford here, possibly also draquin.
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