February 25th, 2005


Weight Loss Update

Today marks six months since I started my diet.

I weighed myself earlier this week and I was at 90kg (198 lbs), down 20kg (44 lbs).

I catch glimpses of myself reflected in shop front windows and the like, and I still see "fat", but if I look at myself in the mirror properly I can see the changes, and the amount of weight I have lost. It feels good.

Last weekend I took my watch in to a watch repair shop and had one of the links removed (I actually had two links removed, but also had the clasp readjusted so it was better balanced on my wrist, which was the equivalent of only one link gone). I have lost enough weight that I had to. My watch band was too loose.

I also bought new underwear, and you wouldn't believe how much of a difference proper fitting underwear makes! :)

I also don't feel anywhere near as self-conscious shirtless as I used to, and don't have a problem wandering around without a shirt.

I still have another 5 to 10kg (11 to 22 lbs) that I want to lose. I doubt that losing the rest is going to be as quick as what I've already lost, but we will see. I'm giving myself another six months to reach my target but I'm hoping to do it quicker than that.

I am going to start going to the gym again shortly. Where I work has a gym membership at one of the gyms nearby. It's a limited membership in that only one person here can use it at a time, but it's free, so I probably will use it, at least for some cardio work initially.

Weight loss - the cons:
  • Almost none of my clothes fit me.

  • Mozzies have decided I taste good (side effect of eating right)

  • Limited diet. While the food is very good and varied, I am still limited, so can't just decide to have something to eat anymore

  • I don't cook, which is something I do enjoy doing

There are for too many pro's to worry about listing them all (and the pro's definitely outweigh the con's), but there are a couple of important ones:
  • People are finding me attractive (and I'm starting to believe them)!

  • I'm working more hours. About three years ago I considered myself to have had a good week if I managed to work 20 hours. Now I am averaging 35 hours a week, and I should be able to get back up to a full 40 hour week within the next six months. A big part of this has just been my back and neck are getting so much better under the care of my chiropractor, but my weight loss and the extra energy I have as a result is also making a difference

  • My confidence has increased dramatically

I'm proud of what I've done. I really am.
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