March 2nd, 2005


Riverfire 2004

Each year at the end of August they do a half hour fireworks display on the Brisbane river. Called Riverfire, it tends to get a large portion of Brisbane spread along the South Bank Reach and Town Reach of the Brisbane river to watch it.

Most years they get an RAAF F-111 from the Amberly Air Force base to do a dump and burn for the finale. One year they couldn't (2003 I think due to RAAF commitments in Iraq), so the next year they had two to make up for it.

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Hair there be weirdo's

I've had a lot of compliments about my hair, which I am finding a bit odd. :)

It all came about due to the fact that I was rather pissed off with my hair. My hair is very fine and as a result almost impossible to style without using lots of mousse, gel or whatever, something I don't like doing. For many years I've had a flat top, which looks good for the first few days after getting it, but then my hair goes back to looking like a ball of fluff.

And to be perfectly honest, a large part of the reason behind the flat top was in the hope that in meant my face didn't look as fat as it was.

After loosing all this weight, I decided that since I no longer suffered from fat face, I was going to shave it all off, that way I didn't have to care about it any more (plus I have been told that I have a good head shape for that sort of hair style). However, since Byron and Will's party was on Saturday, rather than just shaving it all off I decided to just shave the sides and back and leave the top as a mohawk for the party, and shave the rest of it off before work on Monday.

Then I decided I liked it, and as a result I've kept it. So far everyone who's seen it has liked it, and I've had a number of people say that it suits me, and looks good on me. Wandering around Sexpo on Sunday with the green one (greenglowgrrl) and Scott was interesting as a result. One stand was selling sunglasses, and I tried on a few, and a number of them looked really good with the new hair. Didn't buy any, but that was mainly because I want to wait as long as possible before buying new clothes, etc, as I want to lose as much weight as possible before I do.

Caused my chiropractor to do a double take when I went in for an adjustment last night too.

There is one image that I am looking forward to doing. Suit and tie, sunglasses and the mohawk. Should look good! When I do it, I'll post photo's.
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The characters for Dead Reckoning have finally stopped dancing around in my head and stayed still long enough for me to pin them down.

The game will go ahead, and hopefully it will be a good one.
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