May 10th, 2005

Me, Racing Stripes

I'm alive.

I've managed to survive.

I am currently exceptionally tired and sore, but just about everything is moved, and I'm living in the new house now.

Yesterday was not fun.

I was stressing too much, so my attempt to get six hours of sleep turned into me getting less than two hours. As a result, the alarm going off at 6:00am was not nice.

So I get up, have breakfast and continue packing. The removalists were to arrive somewhere between 7 and 8 in the morning, and at a few minutes past 7 I get a phone call from them saying they will be arriving closer to 8 than 7, but will still be on time. They arrive at 7:45, and get started.

I am not very happy with Nicole and Perrin. They decided on Saturday afternoon that they were going up to Toowoomba to visit Nicole's parents, and weren't coming back until Monday afternoon. Of course, they never bothered to tell me this, and never bothered to do any of the things I asked of them, and in fact never bothered to do anything that would have helped me in any way.

I had asked Nicole to pull her paintings off the wall in the living room so that there was no way they could have gotten damaged during the move, and Nicole agreed that it was probably a good idea. I also asked if she could remove her dressing table and bedside table from the living room so that it was out of the road and she agreed. I also asked if she could remove all of their stuff that was sitting in the kitchen bench so I could pull it apart for the move and she agreed.

Monday morning and the paintings, dressing table and bedside table are still there and the kitchen bench is still full of their crap.

Anyway, we managed to get everything sorted. Tom and Krystal (the other two house mates) were very helpful, and Scott turned up about 10 to provide moral support (believe me, I needed it).

We didn't get everything into the removal truck, but we came close. The only "big" items that didn't get moved was the outdoor table and plastic chairs, but they can fit into my car anyway so that's not a problem.

Overall the move took nine hours (yes, that's 9 hours) from when the removalists left their depot to when they left my place to go back. I have a lot of stuff!

The two guys from Minimovers were professional, polite and knew what they were doing. One of them was also cute (tall, skinny but wiry, long brown hair in a ponytail, a number of tattoo's, and wearing short shorts and a singlet). Yes, I know I'm bad. :)

Very little is in it's proper place yet, but I'm getting their. My bedroom is almost completely sorted out and the living room is getting close. The kitchen is still a mess, but I'm still working out where to put everything.

The only damage from the move is the microwave which I had moved myself. I pulled it out of its box yesterday, and plugged it in and the LCD screen doesn't work anymore. The microwave itself works fine, but nothing shows up on the screen. Annoying.

Foxtel guy came around this morning to add in the extra Foxtel connection and make sure the system was working. He was a very nice guy, and threw in a few extras, like three ADSL line filters for when I get the ADSL connected, and two sets of SCART-6 leads so I can rearrange the connections on the Foxtel boxes to work better.

The only thing that's not connected at the moment is the ADSL connection. I haven't received word from Telstra or Internode that it's working yet, plus I have to wait until the weekend to pick up the ADSL modem.

The other two bedrooms in the house are currently unusable, because they are filled with so much stuff, but that shouldn't take too long to work through. I'm already further through sorting everything than I was at this point in time during the last move, so that's a good thing.

Still a few bits and pieces at the old house (outdoor table and chairs, wading pool, two pot planters, miscellaneous nick-knacks, etc) and they'll all be out by next weekend.

And last night, before going to bed, I did something I've been looking forward to for a long time. I had a lazy bath!
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