May 26th, 2005


Photo comparisons

A few people have made mention of before and after shots.

I don't have many "decent" before photo's but here's two from my work Christmas function in 2003.

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Not pretty!
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I'm not addicted to computers, I can stop anytime I want. The difference is, I don't want to.

When I moved I had to disconnect the computer and I wasn't able to reconnect everything until about a week later. So, for about a week I was completely without computers at home (well, I had the laptop at home, but I didn't use it at all during that period.)

I survived quite nicely without the computers at home, thank you very much, but I prefer having them around. They are a large part of my way of life.

If I want to find information about something I use the computer. My normal means of communicating with most of my friends is on the computer. A large part of my free time is on the computer. I order my food every week on the computer. And so on.

But the computer can be annoying, and to be honest, overpowering at times. I've lost track of the number of times I have wandered into the computer room to grab something that's currently being stored in there, and gotten distracted by the computer for an hour or so (or even more at times).

What I would like to do is set aside a week or so to be completely computer free. It would have to be when I'm on holidays, since I use a computer at work, but it's doable.

Currently I'm thinking of taking a weeks holidays for the week of my birthday. I know myself well enough (and my friends) to know that if I spend that week in Melbourne I'm going to end up geeking and using computers even if I don't take my laptop.

So I'm thinking of going to Cairns for a week. Specifically I'm thinking of going to either Turtle Cove Resort or 18-24 James, or possibly a bit of both.

Current thoughts are to fly up on the 20th of August and spend four nights at Turtle Cove, and then four nights at 18-24 James (including the Friday which is my birthday) and then fly back on Sunday the 28th.

I can see three options available to me for organising this.

Firstly, do it myself. That involves talking to people over the phones and the like, one thing that I don't really like doing.

Secondly, get a nice, friendly, travel agent that I know to do it for me. That makes things easier for me, but since both places are gay resorts, it might be a bit odd for a "normal" travel agent (not that I count the person I'm thinking of a normal, but you know what I mean).

Thirdly, deal with a gay travel agent, and yes they do exists.

I'm not going to make a decision for a couple of weeks at least, so this gives my time to think.
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More plans...

I will not be going to Pheno this year. Unfortunately the move meant that there is no way I can afford it, so it will have to be put off until next year. However, I will most likely be submitting a game next year (might rerun 12/1 for them) so I will be going.

Housewarming for my new place will be Saturday the 11th of June, from about 7:00 onwards. If you want to come let me know.

The 11th, 12th and 13th of June (Queens Birthday Long Weekend) is the next Lifeline Bookfest, so Mum and Dad will most likely be coming down for a visit and going to the Bookfest to buy lots of second hand books.

Probably going away for the week of my birthday.

Going to be submitting something for UniCon and go down to Melbourne again at the end of September/beginning of October. Not sure how long I'm going to be down there this time though. I'll make that decision once I've submitted the game.

The game will most likely be an Egyptian Freeform called "Pathway to Eternity".

Other than that my plans are to organise my home and "get stuff done".
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This weekend

I'm away all this weekend.

Spending the weekend up in Maroochydoore with my parents again.

Haven't been up there since before Easter, and haven't seen them since the beginning of April for the Bette Midler concert.

Current plans are to get home from work on Friday, have dinner and get organised, and then leave home about 7:00 or 7:30, getting there by 9pm.

I'll spend the entire weekend up there, and leave after dinner Sunday, meaning I will still have enough time at home Sunday night to prepare for the next working week.
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A realisation

I realised something today.

I am currently the same weight (85kg/187lbs) that I was at the start of my final year of high school (1991). In that year I lost 10kg to get myself under the maximum weight required for acceptance into the Air Force, resulting in a final weight of 75kg/165lbs.

At the time I wasn't quite at my full height now, so that sounds about right.

I'm doing it! I'm happy with that.
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Bugger, actually I am broke

Just had a quick look at my bank account and discovered I was overdrawn. Bugger!

It seems the extra money I thought I had in there on Monday wasn't a mis-calculation on my part, just a late transaction going through.

I paid the next months storage on the storage unit on Saturday, but for some reason it didn't go through to my bank account until yesterday. As a result my calculations were out, and when I took money out of the bank on Tuesday it ended up going overdrawn yesterday when the transaction actually went through.

I get paid tomorrow night so it's only temporary, but it's going to end up costing me an extra $60 ($30 overdrawn fee yesterday and today). Oh well. It's my own fault for not keeping track of what I was doing with my money.
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