June 10th, 2005

Me, Racing Stripes

Reminder: Housewarming party

Due to the short attention spans I know a lot of people have, this is a reminder. :)

Housewarming party at my new place, tomorrow (Saturday the 11th) from 7:00pm onwards. If you want to come and don't know the address, let me know.

If people want to turn up early, I'm certianly not going to complain. All I'm going to be doing is running around the house panicking that I haven't got everything ready! :)

See people there.
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Me, Racing Stripes


It's seems I have a home owner who cares.

I got a phone call just before I left for work this morning. I was expecting it to be telemarketers (which is what the vast amjority of my phone calls at home are) but instead it was the owner of the property.

It seems that three 1000 litre water tanks are going to be delivered sometime in the next two weeks. One is for the next door neighbour, but the other two are for this place, and he's going to be installing them in about a month when he's down here for a visit (I'm not sure where he lives, but it was a long distance call).

Considering the state of some of the downstairs area, it's nice to know that the owner is intending to look after the place and continue working on it.
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