July 26th, 2005

Atari 2600

Microsoft: The Soap Opera...

Microsoft has officially announced the name for their new operating system (formally Windows Longhorn): Windows Vista.

Already there is the potential for legal problems as another company is considering suing Microsoft over trademark infringement. I think what gets me the most about this one is that the company in question (Vista) is headquartered just down the road from Microsoft in Redmond!

Oh dear...

Unicon flights booked

Flights for my trip down to Melbourne for Unicon are booked.

Flying Virgin Blue this time. Much as I prefer Qantas over Virgin Blue, the difference in tickets was about $100 between the two so I went for the cheaper option. While Virgin Blue does have smaller seats than Qantas, I think I've lost enough weight that the seats shouldn't be anywhere near as cramped.

I land at 13:25 on Thursday the 29th of September of flight DJ318, and leave on at 15:00 on Wednesday the 5th of October on flight DJ323.

designadrug and arienmir, if the offer to stay at your place is still available I would like to take it up please.

Now, to do a hell of a lot of research and write the game...
Dr Who, The Doctor

Dr Who

Bugger, I just realised I forgot to tape Saturday's Dr Who (The Doctor Dances).

Does anyone have a copy they can lend me?
Dr Who, The Doctor

Those Russians know how to handle spam!

"You are receiving *WHAM* this blow to the head *WHAM* because you are part of a *WHAM* specially-selected list of *WHAM* people who agreed to receive *WHAM* blows to the head *WHAM*. To stop *WHAM* receiving these *WHAM* blows to the head, please *WHAM* email us at no-more-please@optout.blowtothehead.com and *WHAM* we will remove you from our list of *WHAM* blow-to-the-head-club members *WHAM* (heh, we said "club"!) *WHAM* within 24 to 48 hours."