October 14th, 2005

Iron Man

End of an era

Many years ago I started playing poker on Wednesday nights at Will's place. They were friendly games, just using change. Minimum bet 5c, maximum raise 50c, that sort of thing.

Somewhere along the way people stopped wanting to play poker, so we started playing the occasional board game or card game. Settlers of Catan, Grass, Billionaire, Ticket to Ride, Zombies, that sort of thing. It's been going for a while, stopped due to the occasional public holiday or the like, but never for long.

Lately it's just been four of us. Me, Will, Kevin and Byron. Sometime Jennie (Byron's other half) when she had the time, but mostly just us.

Wednesday just gone was the last one, until further notice. Tomorrow afternoon Kevin gets on a plane and moves to Melbourne. Since that just leaves the three of us, it's not really worth it. Also, since lately Wednesday nights have mainly been us sitting around talking about World of Warcraft, we figured we may as well stay at home and play World of Warcraft, instead of just talking about it.

Oh well...

We just had our "farewell party" for Kevin. A group of us got together after work at The Pavilion, played pool and chatted for a while. Now there's another reason why I want to move to Melbourne.