November 23rd, 2005

Me, Racing Stripes

How appearances change

Periodically I like going through old journal entires and rereading them.

This one caught my eye:

It includes three photo's from two separate visits of Raymond Feist (the author). The first two were taken in 1998, while the last one was taken in 2002 just before the entry was written. Comparing my face in the two photos shows how much weight I gained in the intervening four years (I'm the guy without the goatee in these photos).

I think now I'm weighing less than I did in the 1998 photos.
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Arc timetable, Mark II

After some conspiring, my new improved schedule looks like this:

Session A (4 - 7pm): Union Blues (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and non_lj_mark)
Session B (8 - 11pm): Journey to the New World (with nikkicat13, non_lj_mark and psuedonym777)

Session C (9am - 12pm): Running Relativity
Session D (1 - 4pm): Global Frequency
Session E (4 - 7pm): Global Frequency (Part II)
Session F (8 - 11pm): Sweet Waters

Session G (9am - 12pm): Free
Session H (1 - 4pm): Last Watch
Session I (4 - 7pm): Sense and Stakeability
Session J (8 - 11pm): Only a Northern Song (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and Sarah)

Session K (9am - 12pm): Free
Session L (1 - 4pm): Running Relativity
Session M (4 - 7pm): The Second Dance Deceit (with nikkicat13, teknohippi and psuedonym777)

Same games, I just rearranged three of them to be with others. Yay!