January 14th, 2006



Getting there. Finally got the characters sorted out for Relativity, and now I just need to finalise the plots and do up the character sheets. Simple really... I wish.

This game is proving to be the hardest game I have ever written, and I think I know why.

Normally when I write a game, most of the work is already done. When I come up with a concept it just usually sits in the back of my head and is allowed to percolate. I don't actively do anything with the concept, but ideas come to me at various times and add themselves to the base concept. When I finally get around to submitting and writing the game, it's mostly already done inside my head and all I have to do is tweak it as I write it.

This one didn't happen like that. I came up with the idea while I was in Melbourne for Unicon in October while I was trying to come up with game ideas that fit the thee for this years Arcanacon. I came up with one of the plot lines then, but that's about it. I have had to force ideas for this one instead of letting them grow naturally (if that's the correct word for anything that comes out of my head) like they usually do.

However, I now have enough of it slotted together for the rest to fall into place as I write it. I am also feeling like I've overdosed on Doctor Who.

I have just over a week to "finish" it. The play test is scheduled in for Sunday afternoon next week (the 22nd) so that way I have a few days to tweak it before I actually fly down to Melbourne on Wednesday the 25th.