January 17th, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

No Pheno for me!

Oh well, I'm not running anything at Pheno this year. I've been talking to the writer liaison and they are all full for Freeforms, so nothing from me will be running. However, they have put my name down for next year.

Pity, I was really looking forward to running 12/1 again, and doing I'm Sorry, All I Can Provide Is Death. I suppose this means that I've got more time to write it then.

I probably will still be going to Pheno, but only as a player (shock! horror!).

Conquest Timetable

My timetable is sorted (at least provisionally).

a) *Righteous Demon Hunters 3
b) GM - Powerplay
c) GM - Friday Night Poker Club: Arkham Asylum Edition
d) In the workshop...
e) The Prince's Play
f) It's all the Rage...
g) GM - Ball of Dreams
h) *The Manor of Darkmoor
i) The Gargoyle's Grave
j) *Save Bill
k) GM - Ball of Dreams
l) *Iron Kingdoms: Insurrection
m) GM - Friday Night Poker Club: Arkham Asylum Edition

The four tabletops marked with a * I've created a new team called Random Encounters for people who wish to join me.

I didn't quite get all the games I wanted on the list and had to go to a few of my second choices, but that's the breaks when you are GMing 5 sessions.
Me, Racing Stripes

Arc Flight Information


I leave Brisbane on Virgin Blue flight DJ324 leaving at 12:05 pm and landing in Melbourne at 3:20 pm on Wednesday the 25th of January.

I leave Melbourne on Virgin Blue flight DJ333 at 7:00 pm and landing at 8:05 pm on Saturday the 4th of February.

Arcanacon is the 26th to the 29th of January, and then I have almost a week off. My parents land in Melbourne on Wednesday the 1st of February, so I will most likely be spending some of the end of the week with them (which is the reason I extended the holiday in the first place) but I'm sure I can fit other things around them.

I have an offer of accommodation from arienmir.

Anything I've missed?