January 19th, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

What a way to start the day

I love getting out of bed in the morning to check an SMS on my phone to discover really, really, really good news from a friend.

It's confidential news and all that, so I can't say anything , but it's brilliantly good news.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!
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Me, Racing Stripes

Playtest: Relativity

Hi all,

Currently I have 7 people signed up for the playtest (Tim, Andrew,Darryl, Nathan, Brandon, Elspeth and Julie) plus another possible(Travis who is signed up to play at the convention, but is will to do the playtest instead and will do something else at the convention) fora grand total of eight.

The game needs a minimum of 12 players, so unless I get 12 players by Saturday afternoon I will be calling it off.

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