January 21st, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes


This game is proving to be the hardest one to write.

You would think in there Doctor Who universe there would be lots of things to include but there isn't really. Most of the things that you see in the Doctor Who universe are enemies, and they certainly won't be on Gallifrey. The only things that occurred on Gallifrey was enemy invasion (not appropriate to freeform of this nature) or politics. I've already got politics in there, but I don't want to create characters that require you to read 400 million pages of information just to understand what they're on about, which is what most of the Gallifreyan politics is on about.

As it is six of the characters require the plot outline for one of the Dr Who novels (Lungbarrow, plot synopsis available here or the full novel available to read free of charge from the BBC here) which is five A4 pages.

I had all the character roughly pencilled in, and then I realised a few problems. One of the characters is built on a faulty premise and has had to be scrapped, and another character has no plot at all and may as well be scrapped at it stands.

This means that I've got 18 out of the 20 characters sorted out, and I can't really go any further until I work out those last two characters.

Choices are work out two new characters (which is proving to be difficult with the almost complete lack of plot hooks) or simply resize the game from 20 character down to 18.

I have just thought of a character concept for one of them... possibly...